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This will help you to start making money online

If you are just starting out and you want to start making money online then you will want to read this article as I am going to tell you what you can do to start making at least $20 per day online.

This will help you to start making money online

I know it is kind silly or fun but it can be difficult to make $20 per day online, may be you might think this is a very small amount of money but $20 per day it is not a small at all know this since I live in a third world country when as an engineer is being paid $450 per month, that is $15 per day, working 8 hours or more each day.

The best place to start making money online

If you’re just getting started online a good place to start is freelancing.

Freelancing, if you don’t know, is offering a valuable service to others in exchange for money.

If you can write, edit videos, make websites or any skill you can use to help others online and you do it well enough, then you can use it to earn money.

Let say you can sell your articles at $4 each and it takes you 30 minutes to write one article, you just need five articles to make $20 per day.

By just working less than three hours per day you will be making more than what engineers make in most of the countries. What if you could sell your articles at $20 or even more? The sky is the limit here.

If you don’t have any of those skills, your first task will be to learn one of them because by one way or the other you will need them if you want to make money online, no matter which model you will choose.

you can offer your services on a website like warrior forum, upwork etc.

After you’ve freelanced for some time and you’ve made some money while learning about operating a business, then you can begin to scale your business by either hiring other people to help you or by using a different business model.

As I said above after having some success as a freelancer you could scale your business or change your business model.

You can create a course and teach people how to freelance; this is like Walter from did.

Or you could turn to affiliate marketing as I did.

If you decide to go with affiliate marketing go to affilorama and get your free lessons.

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