Why successful people leave their loser friends behind

Here’s an awesome quote for you:
“It’s better to hang out with people
who are smarter than you. Choose
friends who are more successful than
you and you’ll drift in that direction.”
– Warren Buffet
This piece of advice has helped me
succeed in life.
The question is, do you follow it?
Or are you shooting yourself in the
foot by hanging out with people who
hold you back?
I was the same when I joined my
first opportunity.
I hung out with friends who didn’t get
what I was doing.
The results?
Sneers every time I mentioned my
dream and stupid comments like
“Why not just get a job at Walmart?”
They just didn’t get it.
And it wasn’t their fault.
It was mine for thinking they’d be
supportive of my dreams.
Today I know better.
I’ve realized that being around people
who get it and have already achieved
the same dream you’re pursuing is the
most important thing.
Because they can navigate you past all
the pitfalls and accelerate you directly to
the moo-lah.
If you want to make as much income as
possible in the shortest amount of time,
then just copy what successful people in
your field does.
I’m plugged into a system just like that.
But it’s not for tire kickers.
There are a few simple steps to follow that
take a couple of hours to complete.
I have a feeling you’re up for the challenge,
so I’d like to invite you in.
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