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Which one is better real name or a brand when selling digital products?

Another day I saw this question in the forum, which one is better, using real name o a brand name when selling digital products?

Real Name

I will recommend using your real name if you really want to make a connection with your prospects and customers, most people they want to connect with another human being and not a corporation.

Not using your real name can be interpreted as if you have anything to hide or you are doing something not ethical, most marketers who promote things they don’t believe or stand for they use fake names because they don’t want to be associated with the product or service.

Pen Name

I know many marketers who use pen names, their way of thinking is that some niches are suited for some types of personal, for example, my name is Lusekelo and I am a male, if I want to enter in a female related niche I could change my name to Rosie or any female pen name,this may work and if you are up for it you could try but for me personally i dont like it. I alyways use my real name.


Brand name

Sometimes you want to build a brand, a name that can be associated with your business but not directly with you, you can use your brand name in your promotional and sales material but also I will recommend adding a human touch to it by adding your name to it. for example, if my website brand was, I could add lusekelo from in my emails by this way my prospects they will know that there is a real human being behind that website or brand name.

Final words

When it comes to selling digital products I will recommend that use your brand name in combination with your real name and try to avoid a pen name as much as possible.

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