What’s the Best Time To Send Out Your Emails?

I got this question from one of my Facebook group, the question was: What time do you send your marketing offers out via email?
Best Time To Send Out Your Emails
This is my answer:
This is is the optimization question, so first, you need to take in consideration that people who are in the email list can be anywhere in the world with different time zones. Keep in mind that they can be anywhere in the world and it is probably impossible to set things up so that they receive your mail at the optimum time.
So, what to do?
For the followup emails, you should send them at the same time they opted in, most of the autoresponders I ever used they have this setting as default.
This is what I mean, people they will signup on your list at their optimum time, this means if you will email them at this time there is a better probability that you will find them online.
On Broadcast
In my experience, I made most of the sales when I send out my emails at 8 am and 2 pm Mexican time, this is 9 am and 3 pm eastern time.
The best day to email is Sundays,  even when I had a very small list, I made at least one sale on Sundays between 3 pm eastern and 8 pm eastern.
My theory behind this is that most people are at home this time, and most of the time they are just watching television, surfing on the internet, checking their emails and thinking that ooh tomorrow is Monday and i have to go to do the work I don’t like, so if you send them a compelling offer the chance of buying it increases massively.
This is what I do, and yes sometimes I send them at random times, it depends when I have something to emails at the moment or for some reason I couldn´t mail at the normal time.
The best you can do is to vary the time that you send your emails out.  Almost every autoresponder has the ability to schedule your email.  So one day you send stuff at 9 am, and on another day you send at noon or 3 in the afternoon.
Then figure out at what time you get the best results and stick to it.
No matter what your schedule is for sending out emails, keep in mind that what matters is what is the best time for your list to receive the message with the best chance of being opened.  It doesn’t matter how many mails you send, what matters how many are getting opened, and of course, how many of those are clicking the link in your ad.
I hope this gives you some ideas on ways to make your marketing more efficient.

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