What I did learn from famous football Youtubers and Bloggers

Being a football fan, I spend I lot of time reading blogs and watching Youtube videos from some of the famous football YouTubers and bloggers in the world.

I am an Arsenal fan, so I came familiar with YouTubers like Robbie from AFTV, Andrew from Arseblog, etc. All they have some things in common.

What I did learn from famous football Youtubers and Bloggers

These are things I learned from those famous football YouTubers and bloggers.

They love football

Those guys they love football, they know a lot about football especially the football club that they support, they have a really passionate about football.

This is a good lesson for me as an online entrepreneur, I know they say that follow the money but loving what you do can make or break your business.

They create content every day

Every time you visit their channels and blogs you will find a recent content, this is another important lesson I had to learn from them.

Creating content should be a daily task of an affiliate marketer, it does not matter if it is an email, a blog post, a podcast or a YouTube video. You should create content each and every day.

They appear in other channels including their rivals

Another thing that I observed from these guys is that they appear in other channels including rival’s channels. You will find James from gunnerblog doing a podcast with Andrew from Arseblog, Robbie from AFTV appearing in a Manchester United Fan Channel, this helps them to get to a wide range of football fans and attract new subscribers.

This is important for an affiliate marketer as most people they take the competition too seriously, you should interact with other affiliate marketers, appear in their YouTube channels and write a guest post in their blogs, this will bring more success as it will increase the number of subscribers and potential sales.

The watch matches

Another thing I noticed from them is that they all watch matches, some they go to stadiums, some of them they watch on TV or streams but they do watch them.

Most affiliate marketers they don’t watch webinars, they don’t go to live events, how the hell do you think you will learn about your niche?

It is time to start doing that.

They put a lot of Effort

I know a lad who owns a fan channel and he once told me that he uses from 12 to 20 hours preparing and creating content for his channel, he has been doing this for more than 3 years now. He has more than 1000 videos in that period.

These guys they put a lot of effort, you can’t just put one article or video and expert to make millions from it.

They make money from it.

This is the part most famous YouTubers and bloggers they won’t admit, but the truth is that they make money from their content, some more than others but they do.

They monetize their content by using Google AdSense, sponsored ads or affiliate marketing (most of them they promote betting apps). Also some of them they use Patreon and the charge around $5 for their premium content.

It is not bad to make money from their content, they should and they put a lot of effort into producing original and entertaining content.

As an online marketer you should find a way to monetize your content, you can do this by selling other people product as an affiliate or your own product, I don’t recommend AdSense for affiliate marketers.

Final words

This is what I did learn from famous football Youtubers and Bloggers and I am starting to apply them in my own business.

What do you think of them? let me know in the comment section below.




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