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How To Use Outreach To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Outreach is all that you need to draw and increase traffic in your website. Outreach is all about the technique and method you use to reach out to clients/people via social media, or email. Also, outreach may also entail meeting people and asking them to share and promote posts on your blog. In this article, I will cover the various strategies on how to use outreach to drive traffic to your site.

How To Use Outreach To Drive Traffic To Your Site

1. Skyscrapers

The skyscraper technique was coined by Brian Dean. He used this technique to build links that are effective in creating traffic for blogs.

These links help to improve the organic search ranking for your blog post. Additionally, beyond creating links, skyscraper technique can also be used to increase the social shares and direct referrals directly to your blogs.

2. Linking to social media sources and keeping in touch with them

This is the next strategy used by outreach to increase the amount of traffic on your blog site. This method involves including source links in your blog posts and contacting them to make them aware. Note that readers get impressed the most when you link to sources.

Linking to other sources helps to makes your site more credible and reliable. They are convinced that everything that is contained in your blog did not just come from personal imaginations. Link to credible sources helps to earn readers’ trust.

3. Building a list of bloggers that share you your blog posts

It is paramount to know about the bloggers who share your content besides their own. Building a list of bloggers is important as it helps to market you blog posts.

Making the list is not that complicated. You can start this process by analyzing the responses you get from the outreach that you have made by linking to influencers and bloggers in your industry.

4. Identify influencers and content that gets shared with Topsy

After creating a blog post, you can now use Topsy to conduct some outreach research. Topsy is a database of top influencers and content on the website that you can use to find out the posts on the web similar to those you have created.

It, therefore, allows you to have access to people who have shared those posts and will likely want to share you post too.

5. Submit your blog posts

This involves submitting the posts of your blog in some established blog communities. Submitting you blog post on these sites, it gains exposure, backlinks and sharing from the social media. Some of these blog communities include bizsugar, blog engage and triberr.

Other techniques used by outreach to increase traffic to your website include finding blogging rounds, guest blogging and submitting posts to the established review sites. Outreach is an incredible way of marketing your blog and increasing traffic and consequently more sales. Use these strategies, how to use outreach to drive traffic to your site, to help you build your blog.

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