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If you’re looking to build an 8 figure sales funnel there are a few things you’ll want to know up front that can help minimize your risk, increase your ROI and of course ensure that you give yourself the best chance possible for massive success. In this short book we are going to explore the different things that are very important when it comes to creating a successful sales funnel on your first attempt.
 It is important to note that we use ClickFunnels to build our sales funnels because of its ease of use. In this book our demonstrations and diagrams will show the ClickFunnels software, however, you can use these strategies with any type of software that you use to build your funnels.
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2. How to grow your audience with some of the best practices, tips & tricks
3. How to monetize Instagram as we dive deep into the vast well of money-making opportunities with IG.
Essentially, you should have everything you need to fully monetize your followers on Instagram.
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