Top Online Money Making Activities

There are many activities you Will have to do if do you want to make money online, some of them have a direct impact on your income and others not that much. In this post, I am going to go through my top online money making activities.

Top Online Money Making Activities

Top online money making activities

Visiting fórums and blogs in your niche

Most new online entrepreneur misses this trick, visiting blogs and fórums in your niche is one of the most important money-making activity you can do.

In this fórums and blogs you Will find exactly what your potential customers needs and wants, just visit them and read the comments, also this is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your own blog or squeeze pages.

Visiting JV and partners websites in your niche

This is another of the underrated activities, you need to constantly be on alert of new products and trends in your industry.

You can follow them in social media, interact with them, in this way they Will know who you are and it will be easier to business with them in the future.

Building and nurturing your list

This is the most important activity you can do in order to make money online, each and every day you need to drive traffic to your squeeze pages, write and send emails to your emails list.

Attend live seminars

Magic things happen when you attend live seminars, if you can afford you have to attend at least one live seminar per year.

In live seminars you can meet new people who can become your business partners and clients, also there is a magic positive energy you can get from these live seminars.

Putting your own webinars

Having your own webinars is one of the great ways to show your dominance in a subject and really become the authority in your niche. Also, webinars are great ways to sell high priced products.

Final words

Those are my top online money making activities, if you new to this you don’t have to do them all, just start by doing one or two of them, as your business and knowledge grows you can implement other activities.

If you have to pick one activity, I will recommend that you start with list building, because as I said it is the most important activity you can do to make money online.







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