Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Lies

In affiliate marketing space there are a lot of misconceptions, myths, and lies, people come up with some ridiculous claims that simply are not true, Here are my top 10 affiliate marketing lies. As Seth Godin said All Marketers are liars.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Lies

1: It is easy to make money online

This is one of the common affiliate marketing lies, most of affiliate marketing gurus they will paint a picture that making money online is a pushbutton easy, you just need to buy their magic product, access their member area and click one button and you will make zillion dollars in one day.

This is far from the truth, in order to make money online you will need to do some work, set up a funnel, driving traffic, building a list etc.

This is one of the reasons why most people fail online because they were told that making money online was easy and when they don’t make any in few days they get discouraged and move to a new shine object or quit.

I am not trying to tell you that making money online is impossible, it is very possible but you will need to do the work if you want to make it.

By the way according to statistics, more than 90% of affiliate marketers don’t make any money.

2: You need money to make money

This is also a lie, you don’t need money to make money online, you can start making money for free or very little money. Yes, money can help to accelerate your success but there are many free ways to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Any idiot can make money using money but it takes a dedication and hard work to succeed in anything in life and that money can’t buy.

3. You need a website to make money online

Personally, I think having a website or blog as a hub of your online business is essential for long time success of your affiliate marketing business.

But you don’t need a website or blog to start making money online, you can start without one and later on add it on your marketing arsenal.

You can use youtube videos to promote affiliate offers actually I know some people who make more than  $100 without a website or youtube channels, they use some free traffic methods and they send traffic directly to the offer.

4. You must live in the USA

Yes living in a first world country especially the USA can help you in certain aspects but you don’t need to live there in order to make money as an affiliate marketer.

I know a lot of affiliate marketers who live in so-called second or third tier countries and they make a lot of money online.

5. You must speak English

This is another misconception, most people think that in order to make money online you need to speak English, this also is not true, there are a lot of affiliate programs in other languages like French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Yes learning how to write and speak English can be useful as most of the information is in this language but it is not a must.

Actually, I know two guys who live 100% off their blogs and they write in Kiswahili.

6. All traffic is good traffic

Generating a lot of untargeted traffic may generate some sales here and there but you will never truly live the affiliate marketing lifestyle if you depend on this type of traffic.

You need to learn how to generate highly targeted traffic to your offers and squeeze pages this will help you to convert most of this traffic into prospects and sales.

7. Google hates affiliates

This another myth that is spreading among affiliate marketers, Google does not hate all affiliates, If you search some keywords like ”buy x product” you will find many affiliate websites in the first page of Google.

Also in the paid search, you will find a lot of affiliates advertising different programs for the commission.

What google hates is those shady affiliates who use blackhat methods to try to manipulate or trick Google.

If you have a high-quality blog with high-quality content, for sure it will rank high in Google.

8. It is passive automated income

Another misconception or lie about affiliate marketing is that most people think it is a passive automated income, this is not true at all.

As I said above it takes a lot of work, dedication and time to create income online, yes it can be passive in sense of that I still make money from the content I made three years ago.

If someone tells you that you will make a passive automated income, run, he is trying to lie to you, you must drive traffic daily, send email to your list and find a relevant affiliate offer to promote to your audience, etc.

9. You need to pay someone to teach you

Yes, having a mentor is key to your business, but when but you don’t need one if you’re just starting out, you can go in google and search for anything and there is someone who did what you are trying to do and they can explain to you.

You can read books or watch youtube videos from experts without paying them when you start making some money then you can reinvest in having a coach or a mentor.

10. You must use premium tools

When you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need premium tools to run your business, you can start with one domain name, a shared hosting, there are free autoresponders out there, there are a lot of free WordPress themes, you just need to have a burning desire to make money online

When you start earning your affiliate income then you can start upgrading those tools and get better ones or premium.

Final words

Those are y top 10 affiliate marketing lies, which one resonates with you? there is one lie that should be in this list I forget? tell me in the comment section below.

Another thing, if you’re new and you  need some guidance or help to

start making money online, please send me a message via the contact form below this blog and I will get back to you so that we can have a live chat and I will do my best to help you.

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