Tips For New Affiliate Marketers

Starting an online business can be overwhelming and there is a lot of information out there, so if you are new and you need some pointers on how to promote affiliate offers and make money online here are my top 8 tips for new affiliates marketers.

Tips For New Affiliate Marketers

1. Focus heavily on building an email list

If you have been online for more than a week, I am sure that you already know that money is on the list, that is true, if do you want to build a solid online business and make money online you need to build your mailing list.

Building a list is an act of collecting the email address and names of people who are interested in what do you are offering online.

The way we do it is by offering something of value to them and they provide us with their name and email address, then in the future, you can send them some tips and offers to their email address, and this way you will make affiliate commissions.

In order to build your email list, you will need three things, the ethical bribe, which is the thing that you will offer to your prospects in exchange for their email address.

You will need an autoresponder, this is a software you will use to save those contacts your collecting, and also you will use it to send pre-written messages to all your subscribers at the same time, I use Aweber for this the good news is that this is free you can get Aweber here.

Lastly, you will need a squeeze page, this is the page where the exchange occurs, all you need to do is to create a headline with what you are going to give them, a small call to action, and a place where they can put their email address.

There are many ways to create squeeze pages, you code it yourself if you know HTML, you can use some sort of software to build it or you can have someone build it for you, personally, I use Clickfunnels, You can get Clickfunnel  14 days free trial here.

Here is an example of a squeeze page. If you click the image you will be able to download it.

squeeze page

2. Send your paid traffic to your squeeze pages

This is one of the biggest mistakes new affiliates make, they send traffic directly to the sales pages, as I said before, you need to build your email list, so I would say that send at least or your paid traffic to the squeeze page.

You can buy traffic from Google, Facebook, or solo ads, it does not matter you need to send it to the squeeze page.

3.Build a network of fellow affiliate and product vendors

In order to get success in this business, you need to become relevant, when you start out no one knows who you are, the only way people can know who you are is by becoming connected to them, you can start by joining Facebook groups related to your niche and participating in them, this way most people they will get to know you.

The advantage of this is that sometimes it is difficult to get approved to promote products if no one knows who are you, if you find a hot product, you can just find the owner on Facebook and they see that you have a lot of friends in common who are affiliate marketers it will be easy for them to approve you to promote their products.

4. Offer quality bonuses.

One of the best lessons I learned from the one funnel away challenge is how to increase your affiliate sales by offering bonuses.

When there is a hot offer, many marketers will want to promote it, the only way to stand out is to offer a bunch of bonuses to people who buy through your link.

You might think that if you’re new then you do not have any bonuses to offer, this is not true, you can offer them notes from the training you took, or how to use the product, or a case study of how that product helped you out, this kind of things will increase your credibility and many people will trust you.

5. Purchase the product yourself.

Buying the product I promote and recommend has become part of the marketing strategies I use, all this started one day when I send an email promoting one product I saw in JVZoo, one guy messaged me back, wanted to buy the product through my link, but wanted to know more about my experience about that product, to be honest, I was embarrassed since I never used the product before.

Since then I buy all the products I want to promote if I think it did not worth my money it does not worth my subscriber’s money, so my tip for this is that don’t be like me back then buy the product and test it to see if it works before you promote it to others.

6.Avoid promoting junk products

This is the main reason I recommend buying and test products before promoting them, the problem is that there are many products online that just do not deliver the promise on the sales pages.

The one-click traffic solution software you see in warrior plus or Jvzoo does not work, even if you see a sales page is very convincing, the best solution is to buy the product and test it yourself to see if they deliver what they promised.

The problem is that online business depends on how people in your list trust you, and one wrong product to your list can take down all the hard work you did on building trust and rapport, only send high-quality products that will help your prospects.

7. Build your online tribe

Building your email list should be your main focus, but alongside it, you can start building a following in the main social media.

You want to ask people who join your list to follow you on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The main reason for this is that no matter how careful you are there is a chance that Aweber can shut down your account for violating their TOS, the same can happen to your  Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter account.

So if you build your following in social media and your autoresponder account is shut down, you can create another account with another company and ask those people to rejoin your list, and most of them will join it again, this time you won’t be starting from scratch.

8. Build your own website

It does not matter what do you want to do online, you need to have your own website, in order to do this, you need a domain name and a hosting account.

You do not need to overcomplicate this, you need a simple website, a domain name that can be your own name, and cheap hosting ( if you do not want to be a full-time blog)

Don’t be afraid to make your own simple website with your own domain name. It is so easy to have your own site and it will allow you to do lots of things, like building lead capture pages, review blogs, sales pages if you decide to have your own offer, and many many other benefits.

You can get a domain name from Namecheap here.

You can get a hosting account from Bluehost here.

You can learn how to start an affiliate marketing blog here.

Final words

That is it, those are my 8 tips for new affiliate marketers, start applying them to your business and you will soon start getting some results.

Thank you for reading.