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Things that top affiliate marketers have in common

I have been following most of the top affiliate marketers, and down the years I have found some common traits they have in common.

I found out a lot of things some good and some bad, but I decided to tell you positive things that all top affiliates marketers do. In thing post I decided to come up with top 5 things that top affiliates marketers have in common.

Things that top affiliate marketers have in common

If you do these five things I am sure you can start having a life changing income, some of those things can be done easily and others can take time for you to build up but I am sure if you start today in one or two years from now you will be there.

They brand themselves

If there is one thing that top affiliates marketers do well is to brand themselves, it does not matter what they are promoting they will always promote themselves first and then the product or service they are promoting.

You can start branding yourself by putting your content out there, the contents can be videos, audios, articles or even just share something in social media and people will start to know you ,love you and recognize you and when you recommend them something, they will buy from you.

The have a huge list of email subscribers

List building is the single most important part of your business as affiliate marketer, all top affiliate marketers they have huge lists, they used their time and money to build it.

Another interesting part of this is that they build lists in different platforms and different niches, and if I have to give you one single advice for your affiliate marketing carrier is this start building your list, as they say the money is in the list.

To build an email list all you need is an autoresponder and a page builder, for the autoresponder you can start with either aweber or getresponse.And the only page builder you will ever need is clickfunnels.

You should aim the list of at least 2000 subscribers before starting to see a considerable success in your list.

The problem is most affiliate marketers they never real reach that number because they quit before they start getting results.

They use different platforms to deliver their message

This is another thing that big affiliate marketers have in common, most of them they have three or more platform to deliver their messages, they have multiple social media accounts, they use Facebook, twitter, blogs, YouTube etc.

What I recommend for you if you’re just starting out is that pick one platform and build it up until you have a considerable number of people who follows you and then go and to the same to another one.

If you have multiple platforms to deliver your message it will help you to get to all your prospects that use different platforms and also it will save you in time of crisis, imagine you have a popular blog and if it get hacked you can use your twitter or Facebook accounts to inform your followers the situation.

By this way you will not get overwhelmed and you will get success faster, I will recommend to start with a blog and then go to another build your social media following.


They sell high ticket programs

Most top affiliate marketers sell high ticket offers, I mean those offers that you can make a commission of $500+ or even thousands of dollars in a single sell.

Probably when you’re just starting out it will a very difficult task to accomplish but when you have a considerable amount of followers and subscribers you can give it a go.

Imagine that you want to make $10000 per month you just need to make two $5000 per month, or five $2000 sales and the good news is that, it takes the same effort to make $30 as it take to make $5000 or $2000.

They use multiple autoresponder

As a said above building email list is the most important part of your online business and this is true and smart marketers they have multiple lists.

They use different autoresponder services; they do this because they know that having all your email lists in one autoresponder is a huge risk.

Imagine that you have 10000 subscribers in one Autoresponder Company and that company goes out of the business or they just decide to close your account for whatever reason, you will lose your business overnight.

The best way to be prepared for this is to have multiple autoresponders accounts in different companies.

If you´re just starting out, stick to one autoresponder, grow your list until you start making profit in your business and then you can start building in other autoresponder service.

Those are top 5 things that all top affiliate marketers have in common and if you want to have the same amount of success as them you should start right them doing them.


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