The Secret to Winning at Affiliate Marketing

For many newbies affiliate marketing seem to be a never-ending battle, you need to build a website, squeeze pages, build a brand, build a social media following and other dozens of things in order to be successful.

Yes, all these things are important but for me, if you really need to succeed in affiliate marketing business you need to have an autoresponder and tracking software.

I know in my tools and resource page I list a lot of them and yes all of them are necessary for your business growth, but if you are under strict budget and you just need to invest the minimum them that will be my recommendation.

The Secret to Winning at Affiliate Marketing

An auto responder

In order to build your business, you need a squeeze page and somewhere to host your contact list, luckily most good autoresponders come with a free squeeze page builder, I know it is not the best but if you put a little bit of effort you can come out with a decent squeeze page.

At this moment I use three autoresponder services, Convertkit, Aweber and Getresponse and all of them they have a free page builder.

So by just having a good autoresponder, you solve a lot of problems like a page builder, hosting and domain name. when you make some cash you can invest in those tools later.

If you’re just starting out I think Aweber is the best option, you can get it here:

Tracking software

I studied control engineering, and in school my teachers they taught me that you can’t control something that you can measure.

That same logic applies to the affiliate marketing business, you can grow if you can’t measure, and the only way to measure is to track everything you do online.

Luckily you autoresponder can track for your clicks and open rates, your affiliate market place can track your sales, by this way you will know if your marketing effort is giving you the results you want or not.

There are a lot of free trackers out there but my most recommended will be bitly, if do you want a very advanced tracking software that pros use in their marketing then clickmagic in the solution.


Final words

The real secret on making it in affiliate marketing is building your list and tracking your results, see what is working and what does not work, cut the things that do not work and do more of the things that do work, rinse and repeat and you will be successful.









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