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The Payza Situation

In case you have not heard, Payza has been charged by the U.S. government with running an unlicensed money services business and has recently been shut down. While some areas of the world are still able to view the website, the vast majority in the U.S. cannot and funds are not available or even visible.

You can read more about Payza situation here

What does it mean to affiliate marketers?

The Payza Situation

Personally, I never really trusted Payza, although I had an account with them, living outside the USA it was very difficult for me to use it.
However, I have many friends who use Payza as their main money processing company, probably there are going to lose all of their money as Payza funds have been frozen.
The one to do here is to try other online money processing services like PayPal, bitcoin wallets etc., I know it will be extremely difficult to recover from this but I am sure most of them will survive it.

If this the first time such thing happening?

No it is not, many programs faced charges with USA government or SEC and on my experience they none of them managed to come back, I was involved in TrafficMoonson, when they got charged they froze our money and we never got any payment ever since and their website is still down.
The same thing happened to Digital Attitude, another make money program when they charged many people lost their money.

The lesson you can learn from this

Like in any other business there is a risk involved being in that business if the owners knowingly or not do something against the law and they are closed many people lose their life-savings.
I am not trying to tell you not to get involved with those companies, my point here is that you must first build your own brand and build your own following.

For starters, you could start building your own email list and if any of these companies get shut down you can still have your valuable asset in a list and you can use that to rebuild.Imagine losing all your money and starting over without anything that is the most difficult thing to do.

Payza is gone for good but you’re still here so you can start a solid foundation of your online business but you could start building your asset today, click here and this video will explain to you how to start your online business the right way.

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