The 5 Excuses That Keep Marketers Broke

The 5 Excuses That Keep Marketers Broke

They say that you can make either excuses or results but not both, most marketers who are not making any money they have a list of excuses, and these are 5 excuses that keep marketers broke.

Need help forming habits? Believe it or not, there are people everywhere that are breaking away and making new patterns in their lives every single day.

For as many people that seem stuck on the treadmill of wild promises, brief struggles, and regression to the mean…

People who have “been” stuck are getting unstuck and experiencing fabulous results. That’s usually because they’re breaking free of excuses like these:

I Don’t Have The Time

If you don’t have time, build a plan that lets you leverage your money. Then squeeze in ten minutes per day. No matter how strictly regimented your time is, you can afford to give five or ten minutes to your work.

It’s amazing how much progress you can make if you devote ten uninterrupted minutes to something. When you aren’t Facebooking, Tweeting, checking email or talking to someone else, you can get in a zone of uninterrupted productivity.

I Don’t Have The Money

Again, build a plan that leverages your free time. Write articles. Comment on blogs, create products, make contacts. For most marketers, connections are the most valuable thing that they have, and this can be done without money. All it takes is persistence and the ability to set a positive habit.

At every stage of our lives, there’s a tradeoff between financial resources and time resources. The best people make the most of whatever situation they are in.

I Don’t Have All The Knowledge And Skills

Look for plans that don’t require a big list of technical skills. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Almost anyone can set up an account on Twitter, or make a video for YouTube.

Find people who fit in your “blind spot,” people with skills and knowledge that compliment yours. Reach out to them and work on a project together. By pooling your resources, you cut down on the piles and piles of work that’s needed to get any project off of the ground.

Just get started, that’s the most important thing.

My Family Doesn’t Support Me

That’s very tough. One of the things you can you do is rev them up in stages. Sell your friends and family in the same way you’d sell something to someone else.

Start with the emotional stuff – tell them how it feels when you haven’t reached your goal (whatever that goal might be). Make sure that they’re on board with the idea that something is amiss and needs to change.

Then start discussing the causes of that problem, and how your solution will solve it. Chances are that somewhere along the line, there will be some objections – and you shouldn’t brush those aside, because they’re from people that know you and have lived with you.

But you’ve got to figure out what those objections are and address them, and dialogue is the only real way to do that.

If none of this works, you might have to put their concerns to the side and start educating them along the way. Nothing works to assuage people’s concerns than seeing you make small successes, so start by focusing on the fundamentals and improving your ability to see things through to completion.

It’s Just Too Hard

Here is a scary technique that will help you see how easy your current situation is. Imagine if things got worse. If you lost your internet access if your kids got sick if you lost your job or got stuck in a job that requires too much work for not enough money. Imagine if your eyes stopped working as well, or you got carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wouldn’t you be grateful for the opportunities that you have right now? Wouldn’t you look back and wished that you had the chance to focus, to give everything you have in preparation for future disaster?

Apply that intensity and that focus right now.

Final words

That is it, those are 5 excuses that keep marketers broke, stop making excuses and start producing results, if do you want my help on how to make money online feel free to contact me via the contact form below, or just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.