Start With Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to make money online, creating your own products, using AdSense, using pay per click website etc. But All those methods are not as fast or profitable as affiliate marketing.

Start With Affiliate Marketing



What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the merger of two marketers to create sales from which they both benefit. One marketer has the product, and the other has the audience.

The affiliate has the audience, which they direct to the sales page of the product creator. It is the product creator’s job to close the sale, and then the affiliate gets paid a commission for each referral.

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What can you sell as an affiliate?

Just about anything, from computers to books to airline tickets to car parts. The choice is yours. However, the commission on affiliate programs that include physical products is small. You only get about a 5 or 10 percent commission. However, do not toss out the idea just yet. There is more.

You can promote downloadable products like eBooks, and that is where you can really make some money, because you can get a commission of up to 100%. That is right 100%, (and that’s for every sale you make).

The reason marketers do this is to use their affiliates to get customers into their sales funnel. They know in the long term, they will be making much more per customer than just the price of the original product.

If you are selling a product that costs $100, just imagine the type of

Commissions that you can rack up.

Here are the steps to successful affiliate marketing:

1) Find a market that is hungry.

This is the most important part of being a successful affiliate marketer and yet most beginner never get it right. A hungry market is a ready market just waiting to buy what you have to sell. There’s no need to go looking for a product first.

2) Give them what they are already buying.

If you have a market awash with cash, simply give them the products they want to buy. That is the easy way to make money online.

3) Find the right products.

You can find affiliate products that the market is already buying at places like and or Amazon for physical products. Always be sure to do your research on the vendors, to make certain that they are fair players in the marketplace.

4) Set up a lead-capture page.

You should first set up an autoresponder series to get the leads on your mailing list, and then you can recommend that they purchase specific products. You should never send your leads direct to the vendor’s page without first getting them on your list.

5) Send Traffic to your lead-capture page.

There are several ways to do this including SEO, article marketing, blogging, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, solo ads, ad swaps, and forum marketing. Choose one method and stick with that until you see consistent traffic.

6) Send emails to your list to your mailing list.

If you want to make sure you make a consistent income you should be sending regular emails to your list. These emails should both build a relationship whilst offer affiliate products or services that you know will help/interest them.

That was simple enough! Start with a list of targeted subscribers, find affiliate products that they are willing to buy, and then recommend the products to them.

Final words

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start making money online, yes, you might be required to invest a small amount of money and time but the payback is huge. If you are new to affiliate marketing, I will recommend you to check out this step-by-step guide on how to start your affiliate marketing business.

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