Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula

Most people who make money by selling other people’s products or their own products have one thing in common, they follow what I call the affiliate marketing money formula.

The formula is so simple, if you follow it, you will start making some serious cash online for yourself, let us investigate it.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula


Where S stands for subscribers, C stands for Clicks, E stands for Earning Per Click (EPC) and $ stands for money.

Just improving one of the three elements on the left-hand side of the equation will lead to a massive change in your monthly income through affiliate marketing.

Let us look deep on each of the three of them and how you can improve each one of these.


They say the money is in the list and this is still true, most people who make money online have their own email list, this is the first step you need to do if do you want to create a passive income online.

Meaning of building your list.

To build an email list means to collect email addresses from people who visit your squeeze pages or websites, you need to provide them with something of value to them and in exchange, they will give you an email address.

The simplest way to start building an email list is to build a squeeze page. I use Clickfunnels to build my squeeze pages and Convertkit as an autoresponder.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula

After building a squeeze page you need to send people to it, you can use either free methods or paid methods.

The fastest way to send traffic to your squeeze page is to pay for it and if you’re just new you can start with solo ads.

The best place to start buying traffic is Udimi.

It is estimated that you can make around $1 per subscriber per month, some make more some less but that is the average.

Now let say you send 100 people to your squeeze page and 20 of them subscribe to your email list, now you have 20 people on your email list.

How to increase your subscriber’s count

Send more people to it

Obviously the first way to increase your subscriber’s count is by sending more people to it, using the same example as above, if you send 1000 people to your squeeze page you should get around 200 new subscribers.

Improve your conversion rate

In the example above your squeeze page is converting only 20 percent, what if you can change a headline or a call to action and increase it to 50%, by sending the same amount to your squeeze page you will get more subscribers.


Now let us look to the second variable in the equation, Clicks. I am not talking about the clicks you get from your traffic source, here I am talking about the number of clicks you get from your mailing list.

For each email, you send to your list how many clicks do you get? For me I get between 10% to 15% of subscribers to click to my emails, some get more some get less that is how it works.


If you are getting a low number, there are some things you can do in order to get more clicks per each email you send to your list.

Get more people to open your email

People will not click on the link in your email unless they open it, you need to increase the number of people who open your emails.

You can do this by improving your subject lines, try different subjects, and those subjects that are getting more clicks to use them frequently.

If you are on other people list, keep your eye on which subject lines intrigued you to open the email and model from them.

Give more value

Make sure that most emails you send to your list contain sum actionable information that they can actually use and improve their life if in each email you focus on selling people will stop opening and reading your emails.

Build trust with your subscribers

One mistake most online entrepreneurs make is to treat their email list as just a number, remember these are real people with real problems, interact with them, reply to their emails and treat them with respect and in exchange, they will trust you and follow your advice.

The E

The last variable on this equation is the E, E stands for Earning Per Click, how much money do you make for each click do you send to an offer?

How to calculate EPC?

To calculate the EPC just use this simple formula, take all the money you make in the offer divide by the amount of click you sent to that offer, for example, let say you find a Clickbank product and you wrote an email to your list and 100 people clicked on it, you go back to your Clickbank dashboard and you find out that you make $200 from that offer then you are earning per click is 200/100 which is $2.

You send 200 clicks you make $400, that is why the S and C are important to this equation.

How to improve your EPC

Send relevant offers

If you have a list of weight loss and you try to sell them a product that is about building blogs probably no one is going to buy it.

Sending a high-quality product that solves your audience problems is very important to increase the amount you earn per each click you send to your offer.

Use a strong call to action

In order to increase the number of sales you need to use a strong call to action, most people in life are used to someone telling them what to do next, you need to apply this to your business and tell your subscribers what to do (respectively).

Use presales page

You can create a page to presale the products especially if you are an affiliate, On the page, you can write or firm a video explaining to your audience what they are getting and more importantly how it can benefit them.

Offer bonuses

The most effective way to improve your EPC is to offer bonuses to people who buy through your affiliate link. Just do not buy junk PLR products and give your customer.

The best way to do this is to find what you have that is a complement to the product and offer that as a bonus for everyone is purchasing through your link.

Final words

That is the simple affiliate marketing money formula, all you need to do is to start improving one part of the equation then another then the last one, if you manage to improve 10% in each of three variable of the equation you will triple your income in record time.

Thank you for reading.