Russell Brunson Affiliate Boot Camp

I started to follow Russell Brunson three years ago, the guy is a genius and he know his stuff, now he has a free affiliate boot camp where the ‘100 days to financial freedom’.

So Who Created Affiliate Boot camp?

As I said above Affiliate Bootcamp was created by an internet marketer Russell Brunson, who is an incredibly successful online entrepreneur, he has created a very famous enterprise called ‘ClickFunnels’ which is a sales funnel building company and resource for internet marketers. Also, he is the creator of dotcomsecretsX the training that helped me to make my first sale online.

Why he created affiliate boot camp

Russell Brunson Affiliate Boot Camp was created to be a complete training course for ClickFunnel affiliates to sell ClickFunnel products and services…and you can even win a car bonus if you refer to 100 active Clickfunnels active users.

This is a great idea because it trains Clickfunnel affiliates to really market Clickfunnel products and services in a very effective way, training it’s distributor base to really swell the marketplace with Clickfunnel products…

The Goal?

It’s simple, to start all you need to do is give away 1 trial a day, every day.

After going through the funnel boot camp, your ultimate goal is to giveaway 100 ClickFunnel accounts which will lead to $4,000 in recurring revenue every month. After achieving your 100 member goal, not only do you qualify for your weekly commissions, but you also qualify for your dream car!

How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate and want to learn about how to promote ClickFunnels and hit that 100 affiliate account goal, then this is the best time to do it.

The 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp is $997 RRP worth of content being emailed to you across 100 days, training you on how to become a super affiliate and retire simply by promoting ClickFunnels.

The team at ClickFunnels will be teaching you completely free, every single day for 100 days on how to do things like drive traffic, build landing pages, acquire customers and lots lots more!

What Are Some Of The Strategies You’ll Learn?

  • How To Build A Landing Page
  • How To Setup Facebook Ads
  • How To Setup An Action Sequence
  • How To Write & Email High Converting Emails
  • And lots more…

Who is Affiliate Bootcamp for

The affiliate Bootcamp is not for everyone, if you follow in one or more of these categories then this is for you.

  • New to affiliate marketing.
  • Not making money online.
  • Don’t have money to pay $997 to buy a high-quality affiliate marketing course.
  • Making less than $4000 per month.

How do you join Affiliate boot camp?

By clicking the big button below


Russell Brunson Affiliate Boot Camp






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