Russell Brunson ClickFunnels 100 Days Affiliate Bootcamp Review

The ClickFunnels 100 days Affiliate Bootcamp is a training program that helps you make money by promoting ClickFunnels, a sales funnel builder.

The program is specifically designed to help people retire in 100 days. Developed by a world-class super affiliate, Russell Brunson, Affiliate Bootcamp was specifically created to be a complete training course for ClickFunnels Affiliates to market and sell ClickFunnels products and services.  Here is a detailed ClickFunnels  100 days Affiliate Bootcamp review.

Russell Brunson ClickFunnels 100 Days Affiliate Bootcamp Review


The Goal ClickFunnels 100 Days Affiliate Bootcamp?

The goal of this program is very simple, to start all you need to do is give away 1 trial a day, every day.

After going through the funnel Bootcamp, your ultimate goal is to giveaway 100 ClickFunnel accounts which will lead to $4,000 in recurring revenue every month. After achieving your 100 member goal, not only do you qualify for your weekly commissions, but you also qualify for your dream car!

How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate and want to learn about how to promote ClickFunnels and hit that 100 affiliate account goal, then this is the best time to do it.

The 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp is $997 RRP worth of content being emailed to you across 100 days, training you on how to become a super affiliate, and retire simply by promoting ClickFunnels.

The team at ClickFunnels will be teaching you completely free, every single day for 100 days on how to do things like drive traffic, build landing pages, acquire customers, and lots lots more!

What Are Some Of The Strategies You’ll Learn?

  • How To Build A Landing Page
  • How To Setup Facebook Ads
  • How To Setup An Action Sequence
  • How To Write & Email High Converting Emails
  • How To Build a Community of Spenders
  • And lots more…

Who is the creator of ClickFunnels and the Affiliate Bootcamp

The man behind ClickFunnels and the Affiliate Bootcamp is Russell Brunson. Russell Brunson is one of the leading internet marketing experts and the author of two best-selling books, Dotcomsecrets, and Expert secrets. Russell became an online multimillionaire by selling products over the internet so he really knows what he is talking about.


How Does Affiliate Bootcamp Work?

As stated earlier, the primary goal of Affiliate Bootcamp is to help people retire in 100 days by promoting ClickFunnels.

Their main goal is to help you to give away one Clickfunnels free trial account per day. For every referral you make to ClickFunnels, you earn a monthly recurring commission of 40 percent.

So if you refer at least one member to ClickFunnels per day, for 100 days, you will have referred 100 members. This will earn you a total monthly commission of $3880 USD plus up sales and other perks.

In addition, if you have 100 active ClickFunnels users, you will get a $500 payment for your car.  The program also allows you to earn a commission on your Sticky Cookie.

What Exactly Is The Sticky Cookie?

The sticky cookie is one of the major factors that make ClickFunnels of the best affiliate programs.  With the sticky cookie, you will get a commission if any of your referred members buy other Russell’s products. Apart from ClickFunnels, Russell sells other products like Funnel Hacker Live, the Perfect Webinar, and Funnel Scripts among the others. This means that you can make lots of money by referring just one member to ClickFunnels.

Who this program for?

In this world, not everything is for everyone and this Clickfunnels 100 days affiliate Bootcamp is not an exemption.

This program is a perfect fit for you if:

You’re broke

If you’re broke and you can’t afford those high priced courses this is the perfect match for you, this is because this course was actually destined for Russell Brunson’s private clients and he was charging $997 for it, it is actually a nice gesture.

New to the industry

If you’re just starting out this is the perfect program for you, this is because it will teach you the fundamentals of online marketing like picking a product, finding your ideal client, building a huge following online, and actually making money from it.

Seasoned marketer

If you have been in this industry for a long time but do you want to add a stream of income or do you want to update your knowledge this is a great opportunity for you.

What if you are not in make money online niche?

I got this question another day, is this affiliate Bootcamp is good for me even if I am not into a make money online niche?

My answer is a big yes, the basic idea of this Bootcamp is to teach you how to become a Clickfunnels super affiliate but the knowledge you will acquire from this course you can use to sell anything on the internet.

This works

Yes, this works, I am just starting out and I have already made $38.40, it is not bad considering I did almost nothing to promote it, but now I know it works I am going to focus on it.

Russell Brunson ClickFunnels 100 Days Affiliate Bootcamp Review

The Final word

That is it, this is my Russell Brunson ClickFunnels 100 days affiliate Bootcamp review. The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is free to join. There are lots of free introductory videos to teach you how to create an online business as well as market your products and services. The program is ideal for newbies who are looking for a solid affiliate marketing program to learn from.

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