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The problem with fake affiliate marketing gurus

In the affiliate marketing space, there are many self-proclaimed experts, I call them fake affiliate marketing gurus, as they suck at affiliate marketing.

Characteristics of fake affiliate marketing gurus

I know some of them that the only way they can make money is by telling other people how to make money that is all they can do.

They do not know the fundamentals of affiliate marketing they have no real skills and if you put a gun on them and tell them to start a new online business they will not do it, this is simply because they do not have one.

They jump from one network marketing to another and they take many victims with them, I lost a lot of money by trying to do what they do.

The worst part of them is that after joining the new company they will start to badmouth the old one; this is their play to make you quit whatever you are doing and follow them.

These fake affiliate marketing gurus  they don’t teach you how to fish  they give you a fish  they don’t tell you where the pond is or how you can find them  by this way they will keep selling you new fish every time they find one (in this case a new fish is a new affiliate program to make them the most money possible).

They will confuse you with information overload and you will never make any money as long as you keep following them.

What do you need to do?

As a stated above you will never make any online income if you keep following these so-called gurus, what you need is to find a mentor, who will give you a step by step plan on how to make money online.

Just find one person who is where do you want to be, ask them to be your mentor or follow them and do whatever they tell you to do and you will succeed in this industry.

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