Preach milk drink beer philosophy in Affiliate Marketing

I remember was a was a kid my dad told me about this philosophy called preach milk drink beer, the meaning of this preach milk drink beer philosophy is that most people they will give you advice that themselves they will never follow.

In make money online space I see this a lot, often I get an email from some guru telling me to ditch Aweber ( the autoresponder I use ) and use some software that stores my leads but he sends me the email from Aweber.

Most internet marketers they are in for a quick buck, they will send you an email to sell you something even if they never tried it.

They will drop a bomb like ‘email marketing is dead’ use this instead probably they will be selling you a PPC course and the same shameless marketer tomorrow will send you an email telling you email marketing is the best thing ever happened to the human race.

This is the same selfish reason that most of them they will recommend you to use Hostgator or blue host to host your blog (they know that those hosting suck but they pay good commissions).

How to identify marketers who use preach milk drink beer philosophy

The best way for me to identify them is checking them out, this is what I mean, if someone recommends a certain tool, make sure they use them if you’re not sure just reply to their email and ask them to teach you how to use it.

Another way will be to ask them a simple question ‘how do you know that?’ in both cases if they used it they will respond and if not they will not respond or they will come up with some lame excuse.

How to avoid yourself becoming preach milk drink beer philosophy

If you want to avoid to fall into this type of marketer, I will recommend you to only sell and recommend products you tried yourself, if you’re going to promote a product buy it and go through the whole thing from there you will have a moral to promote it.

Final word

Be honest, if you preach milk you should drink milk and not beer, have a great day.


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