Passive Income Blueprint Overview

Passive Income Blueprint Overview


The  objective of this email course [ Passive Income Blueprint ] is to help you  to build an online marketing funnel that makes people who come into it have a hard time leaving it, because they just LOVE the stuffs you put out, can’t get enough of it, and BUY an­­­­ything that you recommend.

How It Works

Here’s an overview how this system is gonna work. And let’s do it from the perspective of a potential customer, named John. (Sorry if your name is John, nothing intended there. 😉 ).

  1. John sees our squeeze page, and opting in for a freebie.
  2. He landed on our thank you page. Because of a specific instruction, he goes straight to his inbox, waiting for that download link.
  3. In his inbox, John recognizes you as the sender, and open your email. As he reads your email, he is informed that he is IN for a one week email course. Then he clicks the download link in your email and he is directed to the download page.
  4. In the download page, he downloads the freebie, and on the download page, he is again informed of the one week email course as a bonus.
  5. In the freebie, John is educated, entertained and enlightened. Oh, and in the beginning of the freebie, he reads about the awesome one week email course again!
  6. He is now hyped about the email course! Every single day, John opens his inbox to read the email course. He is, again, educated, entertained and enlightened. Each day, he finishes reading one email and anticipates the next one!
  7. When John reached the end of the course, he feels great. But he craves for more from you!
    Uh oh… Luckily for him, the next day you jump in, send him an email about a NEW email course on a different topic.
    Not only that, you also give him a NEW FREEBIE on the topic!
    Excited, John clicks the download link of your new freebie and arrives at your download page.
  8. Now, John arrives at your second download page, and he is now informed about the new email course.
  9. He downloads the freebies, and is again told to wait for the email course! He is hyped up again…
  10. Rinse and repeat!

Yup that basically sums up our online marketing funnel.