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How to Use Sales Funnels to increase sales on Your Affiliate Website

You created your blog in order to sell affiliate products, but you’re not making any sales, probably it is a time to take a new approach. As an affiliate marketer, your primary job is to lead website visitors down the ‘right’ path (i.e. the one … [Continue reading]

Four Main Online Marketing Channels

When it comes to online marketing, there are only four main online marketing channels.These channels are the ones that you will use to promote anything online. Each main online marketing channel can be divided into subchannels. Organic … [Continue reading]

Preach milk drink beer philosophy in Affiliate Marketing

I remember was a was a kid my dad told me about this philosophy called preach milk drink beer, the meaning of this preach milk drink beer philosophy is that most people they will give you advice that themselves they will never follow. In make … [Continue reading]

Affiliate Marketing is not a job

I got a question from one of my subscribers, the question was 'How do I do this job?'  I asked her which job?  she said affiliate marketing.My answer was simple, affiliate marketing is not a job. This is why affiliate marketing is not a job Do … [Continue reading]

What happened to my blog posts?

If you visited my blog before, you will find out that all my blog posts are gone, and this is what happened in the last few days. I wanted to change a hosting account. When I realized that my siteground hosting account was coming to an end, … [Continue reading]