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No money to start affiliate marketing

Starting affiliate marketing business can be challenging, and one of the challenges is that most people they do not have money to invest in it.

One of the constant reason for not starting affiliate marketing that I hear from most people I meet online is that “I have no money to invest”.

I know that there is a cost associated with starting affiliate marketing; you will need to have a domain name, hosting, autoresponder, squeeze page software and some cash to buy traffic.

All those kinds of stuff are important but if you do not have money, you do not need to invest in them. Of course, any business will grow faster and better if there was some financial input.

You can start with free autoresponders like you can get a free blog at and use one of their free plugins to build yourself a decent looking landing page.

If you do those simple kinds of stuff, you will be ahead of 80% of affiliate marketers who are doing this business in the wrong way.

To drive traffic you can focus on free traffic techniques like blog commenting, social media, blogging etc.

You do not need to pay to promote affiliate products; you can just join affiliate networks like Clickbank and start promoting products from there.

When you make some cash, you can start investing some of it in better tools and buying some traffic and scaling your business.

Instead of focusing on what you do not have, what about what you can achieve.

For training, you can go to and get 100´s of free lessons on affiliate marketing.

There are enormous opportunities that affiliate marketing has to offer and how to access many FREE activities to start building your business.

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