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My Success formula

Do you want to become an online entrepreneur? If the answer is yes then you need to copy my success formula.

This is the same formula that most of the successful internet marketers follow and I am sure if you start following it you will become successful as well.

Since I started taking seriously the affiliate marketing idea,  I developed a personal formula that I use to keep me going forward toward my affiliate marketing success.

It is simple and I believe it embodies just about everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing or in anything in life.
The formula is Patience + Persistence + Consistency = Success (P+P+C=S).


I know that success will not happen overnight, the key here is to be patient while keep taking actions.


As in any business, online business is tough, most of the time things can go against you; you need to keep taking action daily even though you do not see any result.


Being patient and persistent alone is not enough, you need to do this consistently, imagine if a football player will go and train only one day, what kind of the player he will be?

You need to do this every day whether is writing a blog post, producing a video or any other piece of content, reading a new book or just spying what other marketers are doing.

Each day you have to do something that will take you closer to your goal.

This is my success formula and I use it as a motivation when things are not going well, you know those days without any sales or when the leads they dry up.

My Success formula

What is your success formula? Let me know in the comment section below.


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