My Honest 12 Minute Affiliate Review

In my opinion Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, you do not need any skills, you do not need to create a product, you do not need to have a website, you do not have to support the product, you do not even need to be an expert on the product you are selling, and the most of all you can start without any investing.

Since affiliate marketing is relatively easy, most people create crappy products and sell them to people, and that is the reason that this industry has bad publicity.

One of the products that teach people how to make money online by selling other people’s products is called 12 Minute affiliate, and in this post, I am going to give you my honest 12-minute affiliate review.

My Honest 12 Minute Affiliate Review

What is the 12-minute affiliate?

A 12-minute affiliate is a done-for-you system that can help any person even without any technical knowledge to set up and start affiliate marketing in just 12 minutes.

Why it is called a 12-minute affiliate?

The creator of this system decided to call it 12 Minute affiliate because this is the exact amount of minutes you need to set up the system, some people who never used the program claim out that the system suggests that it will take you 12 minutes to make money, that is not true, the system name is because it will take you 12 minutes to set this up, here are the steps.

12 minutes


Who is the creator of the 12 Minute Affiliate

The 12 Minute affiliate was created by Devon Brown. Devon is a well know affiliate marketer and a teacher, he has been doing affiliate marketing for a long time and he has shared stages with some of the biggest names in the affiliate marketing community.

12 minutes


How does 12 Minute Affiliate work?

12 Minute Affiliate system is a pre-made system. Once you are set up, all you have to do is to wait for getting commissions.
But still, you have a question that how it works. Well, it’s an online-based selling funnel that has pre-designed pages and necessary e-mails. And to set up all this you have to do a few tweaks and establish a computer for yourself after which all you have to do is follow the below steps correctly.

  • Step-1: customize the system

First of all, customize your landing page, so that it can contain useful links. Add your affiliate links to the products or items which you are promoting, then set your email auto-responder and other funnels aspects. And link it to the 12 Minute Affiliate. A point to note is that the auto-responder is not free of cost.

  • Step-2: Active your 12 Minutes Affiliate funnels

The most unique part of the 12 Minute Affiliate website is, it comes with pre-designed funnel pages, as I mentioned earlier, including 3 different niches, which makes it easy to select a funnel from which you want the domain. These funnels help to host on your account with a program. That’s why you don’t need any other separate hosting service. There is also a done-for-you setup, by which you can get the team set up help.

  • Step-3: add traffic

The basic rule of affiliate business is to get traffic. Without having traffic, you will not get any chance for commissions. So, in this important step, the 12 Minute Affiliate system has a unique feature. 12 Minute Affiliate system offers you to start receiving traffic from it.

Devon, the creator of this marketing system, claims to have a secret traffic source that can help you to earn nearly $4 per click. What can be easier than this! That’s the greatest benefit of this 12 Minute Affiliate program.

The whole process takes at most 12 minutes after which making money is not hard anymore. Also, They provide two types of membership to get started
1. The Basic membership, which starts at $47 per month
2. The Golden membership, which starts at $97 per month

But each member will get almost all the facilities, but only the golden members can get access to all 3 niches and more done-for-you affiliate funnels, and more follow-up messages, which is also an important benefit of 12 Minute Affiliate system.

What do you get when you buy 12 Minute Affiliate?

When you buy a 12 Minute affiliate system you get a completely done for you, affiliate business in the box, here is the summary of what you get.

done for you


Greate squeeze pages and thank you page.

These squeeze pages were designed by using Clickfunnels templates, they look great and you get them when in your member area, they are fully customizable.



80 days follow-up emails

You get 80 days of follow-up messages to send to your list, while you will be focusing on adding people to the email list, these messages will be sent via Aweber, to help you to build a relationship with your list and making sales at the same time.


Education center

In the members’ area, you will find an education center where you will be able to find different training in different topics related to affiliate marketing, from how to set up an email autoresponder, how to send a broadcast email, how to find affiliate products to promote, etc.

Free traffic methods

One of the hidden secret bonuses of this program is that you will learn 16 different ways to drive traffic to your funnels for free, this is gold especially if you do not have money to invest in traffic.

Personal development library 

Running any successful business is difficult, and most people fail not because they do not know what to do, they fail because they do not have the right mindset, in this section you will find ebooks, audio, and video about personal development, becoming an entrepreneur, how to overcome failure, etc.

I would pay the same fee just to have access to this library, for me, this is one of the highlights of the program.

Top affiliate products

In this section, you will get top affiliate products they recommend that you can promote in any of the three niches, make money online, personal development, and weight loss.

Facebook group

You will get access to like-minded people who are on the same journey as you, in the group you can post your success story or read stories from other people, this is great especially if you are coming from a nonentrepreneurial family.

facebook group

What else do I need to make 12 minutes affiliate system work?

In order to make this system work you will need to have an autoresponder, they recommend Aweber, also you can buy your own domain name so that you can customize the done for you funnels.

Also, you will need to have some cash to buy traffic, this gives you two options, you can either get a done for you traffic or they teach you or two buy traffic, this is not an issue, but remember buying traffic is optional to make this system work, in the 12 minutes affiliate you will learn 16 free ways to drive traffic to your funnels for free ( most people do not know this), my only recommendation is that if you do not have money do not try all 16 ways just pick one and concentrate in it.

Who needs the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

Well, this is the $1000 question, for me, if you are a well-established affiliate who is making a lot of money online probably you do not need this program.

If you are not willing to invest time and a little bit of money to make affiliate marketing work this is not for you, because you will have to pay for it and work for it to work for you.

So who is for then?

For me, this system is for people who want to start to make money online but they do not have enough time or knowledge to set their own system, for people who want a simple yet powerful system that can help them to make money online as quickly as possible.

Also, this is a good fit for affiliate marketers who are making some money but need to diversify their online income portfolio.


Is 12 Minute Affiliate is a legit opportunity or spam?

I get this question a lot, 12 Minute Affiliate System, is a great program, it is not a scam, but there are some people with their own agendas that will tell you that this is a scam.

I am a member of the 12 Minute Affiliate System myself here is the proof.


If 12 minutes affiliate is a legit system why many are calling it a scam?

Most people who are calling this a scam never actually used the product, they use this blackhat method where they write a fake review of any make money online, they call it a scam in order to promote they crappy program if you do not believe me, google and product add the word scam to it, you will find most of the pages calling it a scam sending you to the same product.

It is a blackhat trick but it works even though it is not ethical, do not do that. here is an example of what happen when you search ”12 Minute Affiliate Review ”.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

How much money I can make with 12 Minute Affiliate?

I am sorry I can not guarantee you how much money you can make, this is a business like other business, what you will make it will depend on a lot of factors like how much effort do you put into the business, and sometimes just it is a matter of pure luck, but what I can tell you is that a lot of people are having success with it.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

In the Facebook group, you will see a lot of posts like the one above but that is not a guarantee that you will make the same amount of money.

Do you offer any 12 Minute Affiliate bonus?

I believe that the 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of the most complete systems in the market today but if you buy the program through my affiliate link here (I will make some commission), as a thank you, I will get in a phone with you, or zoom if you like for 30 minutes where I will discuss your business with you, which niche you should focus, traffic strategies and you can ask me anything.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

After buying it send me a message via Facebook with proof and we will arrange the call my Facebook is

Final words

This is my 12 Minute Affiliate Review, for me, 12 Minute Affiliate system is a legit system, it is helping thousands of people over the world to start their business in the affiliate marketing field. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about setting up the website. Neither needs any previous experience to grow your business in this marketing field.

12 Minute Affiliate Review