Money will come

I know most people start an online business because of financial problem, it does not matter if you just got fired, or your family is expanding and you need more money, you don’t like your boss and you want to quit.

Money will come

I remember when I lost my job, I told myself that in less than a month I will start making a lot of money from my online business and after working hard for more two months I just made $100.

It does not matter in which country do you live $100 is a very small amount of money, especially if do you have a family and a small boy who is depending on you.

This was a very bad experience, many ideas started to come to my head, quitting, begging for money, finding a new job etc.

Then something came to my mind, I was doing everything wrong, I was chasing the money and the faster I chased it, it runs away even faster.

Instead of chasing money I decided to improve my skills and start helping people for real, you know to help someone, a total stranger without thinking how much I am going to make in commission.

When I started doing this, I increased the number of sales I was making and the money started to come in.

This is my advice to you, if you really want to make money in any niche first you need to learn about that niche inside out and give people a real and helpful advice, they will trust you and they will buy anything you recommend them to buy.

Don’t promote products just to make commission, make sure it solves your prospects problems.

Don’t chase the money, chase being good enough in what you’re doing and the money will come.


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