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This is what I did to make my first clickbank commission

I still remember the day I made my first clickbank commission, this was my first online commission, it is the day I really realized the power of affiliate marketing.

I remember that I just joined the program called dotcomsecretsx by Russel Brunson and he was explaining on how to create a simple page that will help me to build my business.

After going through the course this is exactly what I did to make my first clickbank commission.

I found a high converting offer in clickbank.

This is the first thing I did, I went to clickbank, I found a good offer which was paying 50% in commission, it had $1 trial then $97 per month after first month and one upsell of $47,it had a very convincing sales video, no other links, no distractions, no AdSense.

Those are the things that that you should look when you are choosing an affiliate program to promote.

I created a squeeze page.

I used a free squeeze page builder named 90 Second Squeeze Page Generator, it was developed by Russell himself and it was free, you can watch how it works here, but the bad news is that he discontinued it, but you can try his new software called clickfunnels, this new software does a lot more than the software I used back then.

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What I did was to copy the exactly headline used in the product I found in the step one, the main reason for this is that most products creators they use a lot of money to research and they hire the best copywriters in the market, you don’t need to think too much about this.

Then I added an opt in form into my squeeze page and when they opt in it was directing them to the offer I picked from clickbank and I was ready to go.

I created my follow up letters in a brand new Autoresponder campaign

After I set up my squeeze page, then I set up wrote 5 emails and loaded them to my autoresponder, I used aweber back then and I still use it today.

The main aim of these 5 emails was to establish the connection between me and my subscribers, just tell them about myself and what I did and in each mail I would link the main product I was promoting.

I started driving traffic to my squeeze pages.

I went to and bought solo ad there, I think the cost was around $40 and they used to submit multiple times to their subscribers, they still do this until this day.

In that solo ad I got 29 subscribers, three trials and one of those got a onetime offer and I got paid around $21 in commission.

This is a real-world example of how I am used these 4 steps to make my first clickbank commission. I’m still generating new leads and taking on new clients using the same method to this day. You can use these steps to create results in your business, too!

Also is you want to learn this method and other more advanced methods to start your own online business or you just to take the one you have to the next level, I will recommend you to read the book called Dotcomsecret from the man himself, Russell Brunson.

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