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How to increase your twitter follower base

I know I want to increase my twitter follower base and if you’re reading this probably you want to do the same that is why in this post I decided to four things you can do in order to increase your twitter follower base.

How to increase your twitter follower base

Post quality content

They say content is the king; if you want to get many people to follow you on twitter you should always post quality content on your twitter timeline.

By posting quality and useful information people will see you as an authority and they will retweet you and you will get exposed to their followers and some of those will start following you too.

Use special hashtag

You should use hashtags in every twitter you put out there,hashtags are used by people who are talking the same thing, and you can take advantage of hashtags to reach more people in your niche or market.

Also you could use trends to get attention from people who are twitting about that event.

Follow related people for better result

You need to start following people who have the same interest as you, for example if you’re in internet marketing niche you can start following big names in internet marketing niche and also you can follow people who are retweeting or liking their posts.

By doing this few minutes per day most of those users will start following you back and if you post quality content you will get exposer and your twitter follower base will start to increase.

 Retweet more and more

You should interact with your community, you should retweet other people’s posts, they will notice you and they will reciprocate and retweet you too. The more you do the more retweets you will get and the faster your twitter follower count will increase.

Those are my for tips to increase your twitter followers,what do you think about them? Do you have any more tips you could add to this? Let me know in the comment section below.

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