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How to Use Sales Funnels to increase sales on Your Affiliate Website

You created your blog in order to sell affiliate products, but you’re not making any sales, probably it is a time to take a new approach.

As an affiliate marketer, your primary job is to lead website visitors down the ‘right’ path (i.e. the one that will result in the most sales). However, an overly complicated sales process can result in leads looking elsewhere for a solution.

Most affiliate website lack this clear-cut path for their prospects to follow, that is why I will recommend you to start building sales funnels for your affiliate website.

How to Use Sales Funnels to increase sales on Your Affiliate Website

In this post you’re going to learn:

  1. What are sales funnels
  2. Benefits of sales funnels to your affiliate website
  3. Four important blocks of affiliate funnels
  4. Recommended software to build sales funnels
  5. How to build affiliate funnels

What are sales funnels

A sales funnel it is a series of web pages that your ideal prospects will have to before making a purchase. Its goal is often to sell a product or service, but it can also be used to entice leads to sign up for an email campaign.

Benefits of sales funnels to your affiliate website

The main benefits of implementing sales funnel to your affiliate blog is that it will increase your leads and sales and hence your revenue will increase.

Four important blocks of affiliate funnels

  1. Awareness: Understand how prospects find out about you, such as on social media or through Search Engine Results.
  2. Interest: Make your prospects interested in what you’re offering.
  3. Desire: Create a specific desire for a product or service.
  4. Action: Turn your leads into converts, such as by encouraging them to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter.

Recommended software to build sales funnels

When it comes to building a sales funnel, I only recommend two software, my recommendation, is based on where you’re in your online money making journey.


This is my number one sales funnels builder, they have very affordable planes starting from $19/month (you only allowed to have 3 shared funnels that you can edit but you can’t create new ones), the $97/month plan and the Etison suite that cost $297 per month, if you’re serious about building sales funnels for your blog and website then this is the best solution around the web.

Get a14 free trial from clickfunnels today.


I love instabuilder, it is a very easy to use software, you just need to point, drag and paste and in few minutes you will have a great looking sales funnel.

In my opinion, clickfunnels is a lot better software but it cost a little more and there are monthly fees, instabuilder you will need to pay just one and you can use as long as you wish.

Get istabuilder here.

How to build affiliate funnels

Building your sales funnels is the easiest part, you need to have a little bit knowledge of the four building blocks of the sales funnels discussed above.

Do you need to know your prospects, where they are coming from? What is their problem? And you need to have a solution to help them to solve their problems.

After having those four blocks, all you need to do is to decide all steps you will add to the funnel, upsells, down sells etc., all these blocks are inside of your software.

Both software they have some good tutorials on how to use them.

Final words

The sales techniques you use on your affiliate website can make or break your business. That’s why I recommend creating a clear sales funnel – a method that leads prospects step by step through the conversion process. By using one on your website, you can increase consumer interest and improve affiliate sales.







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