How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus

I got this question today from one of my Facebook friends, ‘ How to make fast sales as an affiliate on warrior plus?.  In order to answer that question, I decided to create this post so that I can show you step by step how you can do it.

How to make fast sales as an affiliate on warrior plus

Step 1: Find a high converting offer

In order to select a good offer to promote on Warrior Plus you need to click on the affiliate tab then offers as shown in the image below.

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus


The offer will be arranged in a popularity order (the one that makes most of the sales on the given day will be at the top ).

This is my recommendation for selecting affiliate offers.

Select an offer that has a price point of $5 and $20

These offers are easier to sell, just make sure they have an upsell so that when a person buys from you, you have a chance to make money from upsells they might buy.

Select affiliate offers that were launched between 3 to 12 months ago.

Most Warrior Plus vendors want to attract super-affiliates during their launch period and in order to do this they need to keep high numbers like conversion ratio, visitor value, and low refund rates, so if you don’t have any sales yet there is a high possibility that you won´t be approved.

In order to increase your chance you need to choose products that were launched 3 to 12 months ago, this won’t hurt the vendor so much and probably big guys are not promoting it anymore so it is easier for the vendor to approve you, I won’t go further than that.

When you make some sales, you can start to apply for new launches and this can skyrocket your profit.

Select offers with 1000+ sales

You need to promote a product with more than 1000 sales, this is because if the product can’t sell at least 1000 units after 3 months probably it is not a good product to sell.

Select offers with a conversion ratio of 10%+

You need to select a product with a conversion ratio of 10% or more, this means that for every 10 visitors you sent to the offer at least one purchase it, this is not an exact science, it could be a little bit more or a little bit less but I won’t go to promote a product with less than 5% conversion ratio.

Select affiliate offers with a $1 visitor value.

This means roughly you will make $1 for every persona that clicks that affiliate link, for example, if you send 100 visitors you will be expected to make around $100, again this is not an exact science, it can vary depending on your call to action and traffic source.

The higher this number the better, don’t promote offer below $0.8 visitor value.

Select offers with less than a 10% refund ratio.

This is the number of people who purchased the product but decided to request their money back, this may be because the product is fraudulent, or the product didn’t deliver the promise on the sales page (that is why you need to buy the product for yourself first), even if the product is perfect some people will still ask for a refund, this is the nature of this business.

You need to make sure that the refund ratio is less than 10%, this means you will have one refund for every 10 sales, this is not bad, for me personally I go for products with less than 5%.

So these are 6 things you should consider when it comes to selecting Warrior Plus products to promote as an affiliate after you find the products that reach those requirements then move to the next step.

For the purpose of this post I picked the daily commissions to blueprint by Devon Brown

Step2: Create a Squeeze Page

In order to create a squeeze page and building your business, you will need two tools, a landing page builder and an autoresponder, in this step, I am going to give you both of them and one step further I am going to give you the first email you should send to your subscribers.


An Auto-Responder Allows you To Build a List of E-mail Addresses to Which you can Market and Deliver content on Auto-Pilot.

Here is a Highly Recommend Auto-Responder: AWEBER
You can get started for free, no credit card required.



A Squeeze Page is a Single Page That Allows You to Capture Your Subscribers E-mail Address in Exchange for a Free Gift or information.

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus


Luckily for you, I already created one for you inside the Clickfunnel just download it hereDOWNLOAD SQUEEZE PAGE

If you have a Clickfunnel account just add funnel and you will have the funnel inside your account.


 If you do not have a Clickfunnels account just click fill out the information then click on Start 14 days free trial button.

make money with warrior plus


Don’t worry if you do this write by the end of the free trial you should make enough money to cover the cost of Clickfunnels.


With just a few clicks you can connect your Clickfunnels account with Aweber, in this video, you can see how to do this.



When People Opt-in on your Squeeze Page. They Need to Receive an Automated Welcome Message containing whatever they opted in for.
Luckily For You, I Have Pre-Written One For You Here Containing The Free Gift For Your Subscribers.

Just Copy & Paste this as your First Message in your Aweber Auto-Responder. Click Here to Access.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Download the message.
  2. Hover over the “Messages” tab and select “Campaigns”.

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus

3: Next, click “Create a Campaign”.

Create Campaign button

4: Click “Create a blank campaign”.

Create blank Campaign

5: Give your new campaign a name, then click “Create”.

Name new Campaign and click Create

6: You can choose to trigger the campaign for all subscribers or for subscribers who match certain criteria.  To trigger a campaign for specific subscribers, click the “Add filter” button to the right.

Add campaign filter

7 After you’ve chosen to start your campaign for all subscribers or for a specific filter, add your “Send Message” actions to the campaign canvas.


On the right-hand side, it will appear a small tab with a create a message drop menu, if you click that one you will get three options, drag& drop, plain text, and HTML, just pick drag &drop.


Copy and paste the subject line and email, then click save and exit, guess what? you have your welcome email.

Change your affiliate link

When your prospects click on GET STARTED TODAY, you want two things to happen, one to add their email to your autoresponder (you build your list and they get the first message as we just added) and another thing you need to send them to the affiliate offer, so let change that link and put yours.

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus


In order to do that we need to edit a link on your squeeze page.

Go to your funnels =>

Select the funnel you just downloaded.



Click on the edit page button

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus


Click on the SETTING tab and then on the drop menu click on general

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus


Go to

If you were approved to promote the offer you should see a green icon with getting link message.



I know this offer does not fit in the criteria above, I used that actually as a case study, yes I did make fast sales but the conversion rate was not that great, that is why you want to select a product with a higher conversion rate.

You should be able to see a screen like this, just copy your affiliate link.


Paste that link where it says on submit go to, then click the big save button you’re done for this time.

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus


Cloak your link

After creating your squeeze page, connecting it to your autoresponder you need to cloak your link, we are going to use Bitly for this.



After setting up everything you will get your squeeze page link, I do not recommend to directly promote this link, I will recommend cloaking it.

In order to cloak your affiliate link, I will recommend using Just go to, create an account (it is free ).




Click on the create button, copy the long ugly affiliate link that you got from Clickbank and paste it where it says PASTE LONG URL, then click create, that is it you will get the link like this one.

Step 3: Test if it works

Now you have done the hard work, you need to test if everything is working, just click your own link or open it to a new browser, use your email address to opt-in, make sure it redirects you to your affiliate offer, and make sure that you get the first email from your autoresponder.

If something is wrong fix it before you move to the next step.


Most people skip this step, trust me you do not want to send people to your page and they can not opt-in or they do not get your email, please make sure you do this step.

Step 4: Get fast traffic to the squeeze page 

To get fast and good quality traffic we are going to use solo ads, this is the issue, most people will tell you that this traffic does not work, it does just need to promote certain offers, and warrior plus offer a perfect for this.

For solo ads, we are going to use Udimi

To get started just go to and sign up for free.


Buy your solo ads

I will recommend buying 100 clicks, this will help you to evaluate your squeeze page and if the traffic is good enough you should be able to make a sale if not,  do not buy from that seller again.

Just log in to your Udimi account and click find sellers.

I will recommend buying clicks that cost less than 0.5 and a seller must have at least 20% sales and more than 100 reviews, here is the filter I use.


Before you buy you can contact the seller, you can ask them how they build their list, and you can even subscribe to it ( in order to see what kind of offers they send to their list).

If you find a seller that reaches those criteria, select that seller, pay for the traffic (either by Paypal or by Credit/Debit card) and provide them a link.

The results you should expert

There are three things here that will determine your success, your squeeze page, the offer, and the quality of traffic.

Squeeze page

When I tried that squeeze page it converted at 30 percent, I sent 104 visitors and 30 people joined my list, that is a decent opt-in ratio but I could do better. You should expect the opt-in rate of 20 to 50, if it is on the lower end try to tweak your squeeze page, modify your wording, color, or style and test again.


The quality of traffic+the squeeze page will determine the opt-in rate if you know that the squeeze page always converts better but from this traffic source, it is converting lower, buy traffic from another seller.

Again if you get an opt-in rate between 40 and 50 % that is great, keep getting more traffic.


This is why it is important to select an offer with at least a conversion rate of 10% if you send, 100 clicks and 40 people opt-in, it means that 40 people will see the offer if you have an offer that converts at 10% you will have 4 sales but if you have an offer that converts at 3% you will make one sale, that can make and break your business, always select a high converting offer to promote.

You should always test small, (buy just 100 clicks for less than $50), if it works great buy more if it does not, no worries you try the next seller, or you change optimize your squeeze page and test again.

My results

In this campaign, I got 39 new people on my list and I made two commissions for a total of $16





I invested $46, I was able to make back $16, I could have made more if I had chosen a higher converting offer, also remember I got 39 people on my list that I can send them emails and make sales when they buy in the future, this is how you build your list and make money at the same time.

Final words

That is it, this is how you make fast sales as an affiliate on warrior plus, if you have some cash go and test it, let me know how it worked for you.

Thank you for reading