How To Create Your Business Email Address

We all know that in order to build a long-term online business we need to congruent, this means that your business name, your blog, your social media, your email address need to have the same name.

The congruence in your promotion and marketing will help your prospects and customers to recognize your content easily. In this post, I am going to show you how to create your business email address.

How To Create Your Business Email Address

Why do you need to have a business email address?

It will increase your inboxing rate

If you are going to do email marketing (you should), sending emails from your own email will increase the inboxing rate.

Inboxing rate is the ratio of emails that enter your subscriber’s inbox to the total amount of emails sent, for example, if you send an email to 100 people in your list, and 90 percent of them went to their inbox, your inboxing rate is 90%. Those 10 extra emails may end up in a spam folder or promotion folder.

Actually, most of the big autoresponders companies like Convertkit and ActiveCampaign will not allow you to send emails from free email providers like Gmail and Hotmail.

Brand name association

It is easier for your customers, readers, or viewers to recognize your emails if it has the same name as your brand, if they read content from they need to see that the email they get is related to that domain, this will give them another reason to open your email.

It increases trust

In online business, people buy from the person they like and trust, having a branded email address will help to increase trust from your audience, most spammers do not have a branded email address, they are not a brand.

How to create a business email address using Google Workspace

For me, the easiest way to create a business email address is by using Google Workspace formerly knows as Gsuite.

You can create just an email and let Google do the rest or you can associate your email with your hosting or domain name registrar. It is very simple I am going to explain it below.

Step 1: Go to or just click the image below and it will take you to the registration page.



Step 2: Scrow down and you will see three plans, pick and plan that suit your needs but if you’re just starting out, the business starter is more than enough. Then click Get started.

Why Do You Need A Branded Email Address

Step 3: Introduce your business name and select how many employers your company has, I am a solopreneur so it is just me. Then click Next.

step 3

Step 4: They will ask you to enter your contact info, here you enter your first and last name and a contact email address, this is a free Gmail address, just to contact you in case of any issue. Then click Next.

how to create a business email address

Step 5: If you have a domain name select I have a domain, if you do not have one you can buy one, it is like 10 USD per year. I do not recommend the last option. After that click Next. how to create a business email address

Step 6: If you chose that you have a domain, they will ask you for the domain name, this is the domain name you want to associate with your email. Just enter it and click next. google workspace

Step 7: They will ask you again just to be sure that it is the right domain, if it is then click next. how to create your business email address

Step 8: They will ask if do you want to receive an email from Google about their service, you can choose to receive it or not, it is up to you.

google workspace

Step 9: If you’re going to create more than 1 email address, they will ask you permission to send emails to those addresses too, you can accept or refuse. 

google workspace

Step 10:Now is the time to select your username, this is the name that will be before the @ sign, for example, if I wanted my email to be, my user name would be admin.

My recommendation is to use the first name but you can choose whatever you like. After that just introduce your password, make sure you’re not a robot, then click on Agree and Continue.

How to set up your business email address

Step 11: Congratulations, now your account has been created, if you bought a domain through Google, then everything is set up and you can log in on your email and start sending and receiving emails, but if you bought the domain name from somewhere else you will need to confirm that you actually own that domain name, do now worry it is very easy. Just click on setup.

google workspace

Step 12: It will take you to the Admin console for configuration. Just click next to start the configuration.

step 12

Step 13:Click on verify to start the verification process.

How to set up your business email address

Step 14: The easiest method to verify your domain is to upload a small file into your hosting account, so I will recommend clicking on the switch verification method.

step 14

Step 15: The method I recommend is HTML verification, you just click the download file button, it will download it into your computer, update it into the root domain in your hosting account, then click verify, it will take around 5 minutes to verify then you will be set.

how to create your business email address

Step 16: If you have multiple users, you can create them here, if not just click on skip.

steps 19

Step 17: Optional, you can set up the billing information if you want to, remember this is a 14 free day trial and the credit/debit card is not necessary.


Step 18: The last step will be to add CNAME into your hosting, this is different from each hosting, and Google will give you instructions depending on your hosting ( they will know what hosting you’re using when verifying your ownership of the domain name.

I use WPX Hosting so I am going to show you how you can do this on WPX Hosting.

1) Go to services, then click on Edit DNS, select a domain name, then click on manage 3rd party services.


2) Select the Google apps service and then click install.


3) It will take less than a minute to install and then you will see a message that Google Apps has been successfully installed.


That is it, now you can log in as you log in is into your Gmail account, and you can start to send and receive emails like a normal email account but into your business one.

Note 1: There are 18 steps, it seems like a lot, it is not, it should take you less than 10 minutes to set up everything. I extended those steps to make them easy to understand.

Note 2: Step 18 is different for each hosting company, some of them will want you to add those settings manually, they will show you how. If you can not add them, contact me and I will help you out, free of charge.

Note 3: If you have a WPX Hosting account, and you can not do it, just contact their support team and they will do it for you in less than 1o minutes.

wpx plans

That is it, this is how you set your own business email address, just go and set one, you have 14 days to test, if you do not want it anymore, you can cancel at any time.

Thank you for reading.