Blueprint to Building a Passive Online Business

  • Learn How to Build an Online Business Around Almost Any Hobby or Interest.
  • Learn how to leverage the power of email marketing to making over $100+ per day.
  • And much more ...

Four Main Online Marketing Channels

When it comes to online marketing, there are only four main online marketing channels.These channels are the ones that you will use to promote anything online. Each main online marketing channel can be divided into subchannels.

Organic traffic
Also known as “getting users for free”. This is the science of getting people to your website without paying a dime. This channel incorporates everything that is related to SEO, content marketing, and guest-posting on other blogs.

Paid traffic
This is also known as investment traffic, basically, it is that you will be  “paying for visitors”. This channel is all about paid advertising.Anything from Google PPC, Facebook ads, bing ads, pay per view etc.

Social media marketing
Social media marketing is all about word of mouth (WOM is short). , In social media channel, we deal with how to get people talking about you on social networks, promote your site for you and affiliate offers, build your email list etc.

Email marketing
My personal favorite. Email is probably the most powerful marketing tool you can have, but you need to know how to use it effectively. How to build a super-focused email list, how to communicate with your subscribers, what to send, when to send.