Five Tips For Making Your First Affiliate Sale

I still remember the day a made my first affiliate sale, I was very happy, it is very difficult to explain the feeling but in few words, it is the greatest experience you can have as an affiliate marketer.

I don’t know for how long you have been trying to make money online, but if you’re yet to make your first affiliate sale here I have some tips that can help you to accelerate the process.

Five Tips For Making Your First Affiliate Sale

Start Building Your List Right Away

This the mistake most beginners make, they don’t build their email list, they send traffic directly to the affiliate offer, yes you may make money this was but building your email list should be your number one priority from day one.

In order to build your list, you will need an autoresponder to store your list and my highest recommendation is Aweber.

Have a Great Squeeze Page

In order to capture emails from your visitors you will need a squeeze page, luckily nowadays there are a lot of software that has a drag and drops features and makes very easier to build a squeeze page.

I use clickfunnels and instabuilder to build my squeeze pages, for people who are just starting out my recommendation will be instabuilder.

Provide Information Through Different Forms of Media

You will never know where your first sale will come from, so it will be wise to spread your information across different media platforms in order to attract prospects to your squeeze page.

Continue Promoting Your Offer, But Not in Every Email

If you don’t make a sale when people join your email list, you have a chance of doing so by using a power of email marketing, you can send tips and recommendation to your list and in one of those emails, you will make a sale.

Use Keywords and Link Building with Your Blog

In my opinion, I think every marketer should have a blog, this can be used as a center of your marketing efforts.

When preparing content for your blog you need to make sure that you use phrases that your potential customers can use to find your content.

Final words

Those are tips that can help you to make your first affiliate sale if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing you can sign up for free affiliate marketing here

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