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Finding the right mentor for your online business growth

Having a mentor is the key to your online business growth, every great athlete, business woman/man, entrepreneur or scientist or anyone who have done anything important have a mentor.

Finding the right mentor for your online business growth

From Sir Isaack Newton, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan all had mentors so why not you?

If you want to grow your online business you should find yourself a mentor. A mentor is someone who can teach and direct you in the right direction.

I have been doing internet marketing for a few years now and in these years I have discovered a lot of wonderful people who had a massive success online and through their courses and I learned a lot from them.

In my online journey I learn every day from guy like Mike Ling (my favorite), Patty Flynn (I think is very calm and a cool guy), Devon Brown (the funniest) ,Russel Brunson (I made my first sale by doing what he told me to do and I think is a very smart guy) and Anik Singal ( I like his energy).

From those five guys I read everything, they send me via email or any other communication channels.

I think the problem with many of those mentioned above and other online gurus is their general inaccessibility. If you are not yet making money online, it is very difficult to get one to one with them.

Success is achieved in steps. If you want to use mentorship, you need to find a mentor who is one step ahead of yourself. Find someone who is doing what is your next logical step in this online business journey.

When I say find someone who is doing better than you, I don’t mean to stop reading emails from gurus, you can keep reading them from 3-5 big marketers, this will help you to get the whole picture but for your next step, you should find someone who navigates a little bit above your level.

When you’re just starting an online business your aim is to make your first sale and you should find someone who just made his/her first sale not long ago and ask them how they did it.

Often the superstars are not the best suited to teach a beginner or intermediate level marketer what the best course of action is to succeed.

By finding someone who is above you in success, but is still doing the same daily task that you will need to do to succeed, is the person who is more likely to be the one that is more affordable, more accessible, and more able to understand your situation and how to succeed from where you are.

For your online business growth finding a mentor is a must, just keep looking and you will find one.

Good luck to you.

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