3 Tips To Increase Your Online Income

The aim of any business is to provide services and make money if you are not making as much money, I have 3 tips that will help you to increase your online income.

The reason I want to share these tips with you is that most people who try to make money online end up making nothing. I want you to be except for that rule. so here are the three tips.

3 Tips To Increase Your Online Income

1) Do few things

Do not be the jack of all trades and the master of none, the problem I had when I was just starting out is that I wanted to do everything, blogging, youtube, social media, solo ads, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, Bing ads, dropshipping, etc, you name it, probably I tried it.

The problem with this approach is that you will be working a lot more and making little progress in any of them and at the end of the day you will never make any real money in most of those things.

If do you want to make money online, pick one method of making money online and focus on it, put all your eggs on it as if your life depends on it, and guess what it does.

Do you want to blog, start a blog, do you want to podcast then do it, do you want to make videos and post them on youtube? do it. Always remember less is more.

2) Do it right now

do it now

They say that success loves speed and it is true. Now you have decided that one thing you want to do, do it right now.

You need to shift your mindset to start doing at the moment. You have no idea how many projects I had in mind, but I postponed them, and guess what, one day someone else implemented some of those ideas and now they are more successful than me.

You do not have money to buy hosting? start with a free blog. You don’t have money to pay for a professional landing page builder? good, do it for free at weebly.com. You do not have money to buy a computer and a camera for your Youtube channel? use your phone camera.

If you can read this blog post, you have everything you need to start making money online, as Nike’s motto, Just do it.

3) Do it the right way

I know I said do it right now, but that does not mean rush it and produce bad content or bad product, you need to do as well as you can.

You can design a high converting squeeze page using free resources, you can write and send great emails using a free autoresponder and you can write a great article and post them on a free blogging platform like medium.com and get a huge amount of traffic.

You do not have to do great things, you can do small things in great ways, and sooner than later you start making money online.

Final words

That is it, those are my three tips that will help you to increase your online income. Remember less is more, do it right now and do it in the right way.

If do you want to learn how to start making money online please click here.





5 Mindset Changes You Must Make in Order to Succeed Online

We always hear that only 5% of the people who try to make a living online actually succeed. Have you ever wondered why that is? It’s because of the person’s mindset.

I am a huge believer that your mindset has a direct impact on your success (or lack of success). Before you guys start Affiliate marketing, I want to make sure you are in the proper mindset.

In this post, I am going to go through 5 mindset changes that you need to make in order to succeed online.

5 Mindset Changes you Must Make in Order to Succeed Online

1: Believe You Can Succeed And You Will

Let me ask you something? Do you really believe you will succeed? Really think about that for a second. Do you truly believe you will succeed?

I can guarantee you the top 5% are the ones who believe in themselves, and the other 95% end up giving up because they stopped believing.

For me, this was one of the greatest mindset changes I had to make. I wouldn’t be successful today if I didn’t believe in myself. I would have given up after the first Google algorithm change like many others. But I didn’t give up. Why?

Because I believed in myself. I am not saying that you need to be more like me, I am saying that because I want you guys to see that, you determine your own future.

If you believe in yourself and take action you will be part of the top 5%. If you don’t believe in yourself, that will lead to a lack of action and there’s a good chance you will give up before you had the chance to succeed.

2: Think Big and make it happen

I want you to be a big thinker?. I want you to set big goals and not stop until you reach them. Too many people decide to settle for good enough?. I want you guys to go above and beyond good enough. I want each and every one of you to reach for the stars? so to speak.

Thinking big is different for each and everyone, if you’re just starting out thinking big could mean making $100 a day, for intermediate marketers could mean $10000 per month, and others could be 100000 per month, just pick a big goal and start acting on it.

3: Change Your Attitude

Okay, so now you know to believe in yourself and to think big. The next step is to change your attitude. I can bet that at some point on your online journey you will hit a block, you will send an email and no one open it, you can spend a day writing a great blog post and no one reads it, you spend $500 on ads and you make zero sales.

Get what bad things happen to all of us, do not allow yourself to get upset over it, do not quit, take it as a lesson, and learn from it.

If you have this attitude for sure you will make it to the elite group of 5 % who make most of the money online.

4: Put Your Goals On Paper

Setting goals is one of the most important actions you can take towards making your full-time income online.

I will spare you all the statistics and studies, but it has been proven that those who set goals and WRITE THEM DOWN are much more likely to hit those goals.

So before you move on, I want you to get out a piece of paper and a pen and write down what are your goals, don’t just say I want to make $100 per day but you need to write down how it will make you feel, what you can do about it, you need to attach emotions to it.

When you read your goals out loud every single day, multiple times per day you actually start to believe you can achieve them, and as you already know belief is the key to success.

Alright, now that you got your goals on paper and are going to read them out loud multiple times each day, and now that you truly believe deep down in your heart that you are going to reach those goals, it’s time to move on to the stuff you have all been waiting for. It’s time to start building that list!

If do you want to learn more about goal setting I will recommend reading a book by Brian Tracy, Goals.

Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

5 Action Action Action

Those who take action on what they learn will succeed, those who don’t won’t succeed. I just got done talking about how you can’t view your failures as failures. Well, I take that statement back. You can fail if you don’t take action.

You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t apply what you learn, it doesn’t matter how much you know.

Please take action every day. No matter how busy I am I make sure to find at least one hour to work on my internet business every single day. Even if that means I have to wake up an hour early, I make sure to get it done.

The problem is that most people who start online business used to have someone to force them to take action you will need mindset changes in order to overcome that.

Final words

That is it, those are the 5 mindset changes you need to make if do you want to succeed in online business, you can change your mindset by reading business books, personal developments books, reading blogs, and watching videos on those topics, don’t use all day you can dedicate 30 to 60 minutes per day to read something that will feed your mind.


8 Behaviors That Will Make You An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur it is not an easy feat, most people who try to become entrepreneur fail or they run a business without profit and eventually give up and go back to work for someone else, most of the time it is due to the lack of many of these 8 behaviors.

8 Behaviors That Will Make You An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

In this post, I am going to explain to you 8 behaviors that will make you an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Have a Passion for Winning

It does not matter if do you have an online or offline business, you need to understand your niche and beat the competition.

In business, you will face a lot of challenges and setbacks, never give up in the face of resistance and setbacks. Have fearless accountability for getting results. Be consumed with making things better and have an insatiable curiosity for learning.

Have a Growth Mindset

Find out what is the main problems in your niche, and solve them. Don’t do business just to make a quick buck. Promote confidence and trust.

Your business should be focused on your prospects and buyers, find new opportunities, and obsess overgrowth. Understand what creates value for customers.

Think Big … Then Make It Happen

Dream of the possibilities instead of limitations. Be willing to re-examine almost anything. Innovate with agility, iterate, test, try, take risks. Translate the best ideas into realistic, pragmatic, executable plans.

Act with Urgency

Act quickly when faced with ambiguity. Get the facts that you can, think, and then move with lightning speed. Use speed as a differentiator. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Be Courageous

Take bold action on what you believe is right. Confront problems directly and face adversity head-on. Be comfortable being unpopular when required and press on. Take on seemingly impossible goals and work out of your comfort zone.


Never overpromise, always give your prospects and customers more than you promised them, Over-deliver on commitments. Be committed to putting in your maximum work effort and always do what you say. Be the someone people trust to get things done and deliver.

Inspire Greatness

As Les Brown says, ‘you have greatness in you’ empower, develop, and set high expectations for you, your products, and services. Bring others with you, achieve things you never thought possible, and celebrate your wins.

Become Your Best

When you’re just starting out you will probably suck, then you will suck less and less, and eventually, you will stop sucking.

Don’t compare yourself with others and never compete with them, only what you need to do is to become the better version of yourself, every day try to improve and before you know it, people, with start to call you an expert.

Seek and accept feedback wherever you can get it, decide what to change, and go for it. Be curious, and be confident and humble. Read others’ reactions, and adjust as you go. Bounce back from disappointments.

Final words

Those are 8 behaviors that will make you an unstoppable entrepreneur, find out how many of those behaviors do you possess, if you possess all of them congratulations, if not figure out those behaviors you’re missing and work on implementing them in your business.

12 Qualities of a Successful Online Entrepreneur

They say success leaves cues and it is the same when it comes to online business, after observing many successful online entrepreneurs I found that they have most of the things in common, here are the 12 qualities of a successful online entrepreneur.

12 Qualities of a Successful Online Entrepreneur


Most of the successful online entrepreneurs I know they have respect, they have respect to themselves, other marketers and most important to their customers and prospects, if do you have the ambition to be successful in this business you need to learn how to respect yourself and others.


This is one of the reasons why many people fail online or in life, they lack the self-discipline, most successful people follow a schedule, they meet their deadlines, they stick to a task until it is complete and they make the most important tasks first.

Ability to prioritize tasks

Successful online entrepreneurs have ability to identify the most important tasks in their businesses and prioritize those, this is one of the skills you need to learn if you want to be successful.

Dedication and commitment to problem resolution

Most successful marketers and entrepreneurs are solution-oriented people, they find out what are the problems they audience having, and they dedicate their time and effort finding those solutions.

A detail-oriented working style

Most successful online entrepreneur are detail-oriented, they know everything in their niches, they know every aspect of their business, and when they create a product or content they make sure that it is of high quality.

Ability or willingness to communicate

It does not matter if you use email marketing, podcasts, paid ads, blogging, etc, you will need to be able to communicate with other people.

You need to learn or improve your communication skills like writing and speaking, this is because in order to run an online business you will need to be good at both.

Willingness to share knowledge

Knowing something won’t make you rich, you need to be able to share the information and knowledge you have with your prospects and other entrepreneurs, yes you can charge for it but you need to share it.

Humble attitude

They say your attitude is your altitude, and it is true, you need to be humble, for me, a small amount of arrogance is needed in order to succeed in anything in life, but you need to be able to control it, people tend not to buy or associate with very arrogant people.

Ability to learn

In order to succeed in anything in life you need to be teachable, you need to be able to learn from your own experiences, other people’s experience and your mentor (if you have one).

Ability to think logically

When your business starts to grow you will have to make a lot of decisions, but before making those decisions you will need to be able to think logically because one decision can make or break your business.

Ability to apply knowledge in a new situation

Each stage of your business have different challenge, a person who is making #100 per day has a very different challenge from a person who is not yet to make the first sale, most of the successful entrepreneur has this ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the past in a new situation.

Interest in technology

Technology is changing every day, and to be honest with you it is very difficult to catch up, but successful online entrepreneurs know the technological trends and changes in their niche, you don’t want to stay behind you need to know everything surrounding your niche.

Final words.

That is it, those are 12 qualities of a successful online entrepreneur, if you want to be successful in this online business you need to start practicing them.

What are other qualities that do you think an online entrepreneur should possess? let me know in the comment section below.

As always thank you for reading.