Email Marketing Golden Rules

Email Marketing Golden Rules

Every person you know have an email address, every company online want your email address, there is a good reason for this. There is a study that for every $1 invested in email marketing results in $44 revenue, email marketing is huge and it will continue to be the best way to generate revenue for small and big companies.

That is why today I’m going to talk about email marketing golden rules that can help you to increase your profitability as an online entrepreneur.

If you have been online for more than a day I am sure at least one person told you that the money is in the list, this is true to some extent, the truth is that the real money is in the relationship you have with your list and a proper
follow up is the key to owning a responsive list.

But most people get this wrong. So I’m going to break down a list of email marketing golden rules you must follow if you want to get it right the first time…

1. Create “Micro Lists”

One super way to follow up with your customers and make sure they are incredibly targeted to whatever it is that you’re trying to sell is to create micro-lists for each of your products.

This way when you do follow-up you’re exactly on target with your customers wants and needs.

2. Mail Regularly

Another important thing to remember is that you need to be sure you mail regularly.

Your prospects will tend to forget who you are if you don’t mail them on a regular basis with great cutting-edge new content that may help them in your niche.

Ideally, mail every 1-2 days for the first few days someone subscribes so that they get used to receiving an email from you and recognizing your name. Then every 3 days thereafter with a minimum of once per week.

3. Monitor Trends

You need to be monitoring trends that are happeningĀ  in your industry and keep your customers up-to-date
on what’s new and exciting regarding your products.

4. Test

Another thing to do is low scale testing of your e-mails before you roll them out to your entire customer base.

Write your e-mail and only send it to a small portion of your customer list to make sure that it converts clicks before you send it to your entire list.

If it doesn’t work change it up a bit and try another test until you get the ideal results, then blast it out to your entire customer database.

5. Don’t Make Them Jump Through Hoops

Never send your customers to a landing page or a “squeeze page” and make them opt-in to get your info.

They are already on your e-mail list so why would you make them subscribe again? Just send them directly to the information you promised in your e-mail.

The only exception is.. if you’re putting them on a “micro list”.

There you have it… 5 golden rules of email marketing. I’m only scratching the surface of ways that you can increase your profits from your e-mail list. If do you want to learn more about how you can use this strategy and many others and make money in the process, please click here.

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