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Email Marketing Checklist

In this Email Marketing Checklist, I am going to give you a quick overview on how your business can grow using email marketing.

Email Marketing Checklist

Email marketing is still the easiest way to make money online, you wake up in the morning, you write a simple email, you copy it and paste it in your autoresponder, you hit send and few minutes later you will start seeing sales. It is as simple as that.

Brand yourself

From your website design, your capture pages and your emails, all they should they should send the same message. Whether your branding yourself as a person or your company, you should always use the same logo, same message and same colors.

You want your subscribers you recognize your message and material when they see them.

Craft Your Content

You want to give your subscribers the best content possible, you need to check out any grammar error, write in the simplest way possible so that your subscribers can understand your content.

Check Your Link

I made this mistakes before, I wrote an email, put affiliate links in it, loaded it to my autoresponder and hit send, one second later I realized that it was a wrong affiliate link.

You should always check if your link goes when they supposed to go, re read your message and then send it to yourself and see if it can get in your inbox.

 Check Your Results

Track all your results, you should track your open rates, your click through rates and off course your sales.

Most autoresponders can track for you and give you most of the statistics but you should always use some external tracking tools like clickmagic and so.

Those are my email marketing checklist and if you don’t have a list to mail to it is the time to start building one. And this guy can help you to do so.

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