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Don’t make this mistakes with your leads

List building is the single most important task you can do for your online business and yet most people don’t have any list.

List building means collecting leads or prospects who are interested in your business.

Everyone collects leads. Many collect leads on their website. Everyone is getting leads online and for good reason. There is a ton of money to be made online.

But how do we handle these leads? What do we do with them? Here are three big mistakes to avoid with internet leads.

You quit too soon.

Most online entrepreneur quits before the miracle happens. You know how many contacts it takes before a lead responds? It takes at least 7 contacts before the chance of your lead to even think of buying anything you recommend. The average online entrepreneur makes fewer than two follow ups to an internet lead.


Wrong product.

According to a research, more than 68% of the people to visit your website and see your product that they will not This is why 79 percent of all leads never, ever convert into a product sale. They are shopping a product they are interested in but they are not going to buy.

So, as a marketer, email marketing is essential to broaden the scope of my offers. I always begin with offering free information about the subject they are interested, then I will send them some more information about me and my business, the aim here is to make a connection and build a trust.


No research on leads.

One of the problems about internet marketing is that everyone is chasing a quick buck; nobody is taking the time to look at their leads.

It’s so easy with the internet to know who your customer is. Google their name, the company, etc. and find out who they are.

Get pictures, maps, mission statements and what they’ve accomplished. Check LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Send them a survey to know exactly what they want; also you could encourage them to contact you.

Combine email marketing with your social media engagement. Help the prospect know you as a person, and you take the time to know the prospect.


If you want to make money online you should start with list building and combine the power of email marketing and social media to make more profit.

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