Don’t do this in social media

I have been using social media for long time now and i have been doing affiliate marketing for the last two years, in this time i have been luck enough to conect with some great affiliate marketers.

But there is something very true and sad at the same time, the truth is that all of us use social media channels, but the sad thing is that most of the marketers use it in a wrong way.

Most of affiliate marketers they use their social media just to sell and yet they are surprised that no one buys from them

Imagine this, you’re at a social meeting and someone is trying to sell you something, How would you feel?

Most of us will feel bad and used.

Don’t make this mistake, don’t try to sell your stuff to everybody in your timeline.

Don´t do this!!

The best way to grow your business by using social media is to give value.

That is it, find something that your social circle is interested and give them the best information possible for free.

When you give something with high value to your social circle, your prospects will realize that you know what you’re talking about and they will trust you, and they will be eager to buy your products in the future.

They will buy because they like and trust you, not because you told them to.

By this way

1) Your relationship with your prospects and clients will get better

2)You will sell more

Trust me, this works , give it a try.

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Have a great day


  1. says:

    Interesting article Lusekelo. I am a social media expert. Having opened my first business Twitter account in January 2009 and I now have hundreds of thousands of faithful and very active followers, so I can tell you that you are very right in your recommendations. By doing as you are suggesting, you will build up a large number of followers who will respond very happily to your messages and will trust you 100% when you offer them a product or service.

    Well done Lusekelo, keep on the good work.


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