Digistore24 Vs Clickbank: Why Digistore24 beats Clickbank

If you’re new to affiliate marketing I recommend you start promoting digital products, this is because it is easier to promote them and you get a bigger percentage of commission.

In the world of digital products, there are two giants in town, one is Digistore24, and the other is Clickbank, both of them paid more than $1 billion in affiliate commissions last year.

Both of them are good for affiliate marketers and I am lucky enough that I have money in both. In today’s post, I am going to explain why Digistore24 beats Clickbank.

Compare these two affiliate marketplaces for promoting digital products online. Which is better? Clickbank or Digistore24? Find out now.

Digistore24 Vs Clickbank: Why Digistore24 beats Clickbank


Clickbank has been around for more than 20 years, it is based in the United States of America, it allows affiliates from many countries especially from Europe and America, it does not allow affiliates from many African and Asian countries.

Digistore24 is new and is based in Germany, it allows virtually anyone from any country to join their affiliate marketplace ( except Nigeria ). This is the best option especially if you live outside the United States and Europe.


Most of the products in Clickbank have commissions from 1% with 75% being the maximum, (some products will whitelist you to have 90% commissions but are very few).

Digistore24 offers a higher commission from 15% to 90%, this might sound strange but some products are on both platforms and you make more money promoting the same product in Digistore24 than in Clickbank.

Payments methods

Both companies will send you money with a direct deposit via Check or direct deposit but Digistore24 goes a step further as you can get paid via Paypal while with Clickbank that is not an option, this is something you can consider depending on where you live.

Cookies duration

Cookies are being used to track your referral link. When someone clicks on your link there is a good possibility that they will not buy for the first time, the cookie will be installed on the customer’s computer and if in the future they decide to buy the product you will still get a credit for the purchase.

The cookie in Clickbank is valid for 60 days while Digistore24 the life of a cookie is 180 days.


You can earn by inviting people to register as affiliates on Digistore24, but not on Clickbank, even though this will not make you a fortune but it can help to increase your affiliate revenue.


Clickbank has over 10000 products in its marketplace, which makes it the largest digital marketplace in the world and it gives you different options especially if you’re just starting out, while Digistore24 has less than 1000 products, this makes your options a little bit limited.

Final words

So that is it this my Digistore24 Vs Clickbank comparison, and in this post, you read why Digistore24 beats Clickbank especially if you’re not from the United States, Europe, or America. 

At the end of the day, you can make good money on both platforms, all you need to master is your marketing skills and after that, you will be able to sell digital products from one or both of them.

You can learn how to make money on Digistore24 here.