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The most common excuses for not making money online

Over the years of trying to make money online met many people with different level of success.

Most of those people who I met was not making any money and most of them had common excuses why they were not making any income online.

In this post, I am going to explain to you the most common excuses people use to explain why they do not make online.

  1. It is impossible for average people to earn money on the Internet!


This is the common excuse; most people think that it is impossible to make money online if you are not a guru.


This is not true; the problem is that it may take a lot of time for a person to start earning a huge amount in internet and people they give up before having any success.


I am the living proof of that, I had my first computer a few years ago, I didn’t know that it was possible to make money online until late 2012.


I started to take it seriously like two years ago and I had to learn a lot about building websites, building a list, autoresponders, funnels and everything in between.

Now I make money online and if I can do it, everyone can do it.


  1. I do not know anything about computers!

I have many friends who gave me this excuse, but this is also not true, if you can write and send your email, you can make money online. You don’t need to be a computer genius to make money online.

All you need to have is a computer; internet connection and the desire to make money are only things you need to succeed.

     3. I do not have time!

This is another common excuse used. However, we all have the same 24 hours available and so for me, it is the matter of priorities.


I firmly believe that the Internet business is actually a better way to accomplish time and financial independence.


If you can set up one hour each day building an internet business, you can become a very successful internet marketer.


You can still have your job and set that hour early in the morning or late at the night before going to bed.

The truth is that you will have a period of time much less time than you had it until then, but in the end, you will achieve complete freedom to manage your time as you like!

4. I do not know how to start!


Today is one of the biggest problems on the Internet information overload. It is amazing how much new information everyday and offer that simply confused and blocked each new person.

This problem can easily be following a step-to-step blueprint and after doing a lot of research I can tell you that affiloblueprint is the best systematic blueprint on how to start an online business.


As you saw those excuses are not really, so go out there and start making the success of your own.
We all have our reasons or excuses to not do something. In order to get the results you want you must take action.


The most common excuses  for not making money online

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