Cornerstones of a successful online entrepreneurship

It is said that out of 10 people who start a new online business, 9 of them fail. Even though this is a proven fact, let this not scare you; but rather stress the importance of understanding Cornerstones of a successful online entrepreneurship and what will make your venture successful online entrepreneur.

A majority of online entrepreneurs jump into a business without preparing a proper marketing and business plan; or industry research or survey. This is one of the reasons why there is a high fail rate in this industry.

Cornerstones of a successful online entrepreneurship

Cornerstones of a successful online entrepreneurship

The right mindset

Most people who start online entrepreneurship think that having an online business is equal to free money. One of the reasons for this belief is that most of the products you Will find in make money online niche they Will make you believe that you can make money by just clicking two links in one minute. This is not the case.

In order to succeed in online entrepreneurship, you need to have a willingness to work hard as long as it is necessary to achieve your goals.

You know sometimes you have top ut 20 hours workdays in order to live the online lifestyle

Recognizing and using leverage

Another cornerstone of your online entrepreneurship is recognizing and using leverage, this means you need to have a platform that you can use to spread your messages, you can build and set up a blog, an email list, a youtube channel or a social media following.

Creating your own Brand and becoming an authority in your niche is very important if you want to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

Building a set of useful contacts

I know that at this point you know that the money is in the list and that is 100% true, but there is another list you need to build a list of useful contacts.

In this list, you can put contacts of your business partners, virtual asistant, technical guys, blog owners etc. Remember it is not what you know, it is who you know will make you a success.

Having a mentor

Look at great athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Mike Tyson etc, great entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or great scientist like Isaac Newton all they have one thing in common, they have a mentor.

You need someone who can guide you in this online entrepreneuership Venture, the reason you need a mentor is that they have been where you’re right now. They already made all the mistakes that you can posibly make, all you need to do is copy their recipe for success.

Final words

Those are the cornerstones of a successful online entrepreneurship, if you want to have a successfull online business you need to follow them.



Essential tools to build your online business

There are a number of essential tools that will be at the core of your business in this industry. They are extremely important and I don’t personally do business without them. I highly recommend getting every one of the tools I show you in this first chapter – it’s going to save you a lot of time and money.

Essential tools to build your online business

1.      Domain Name:

If you want to create your own business, brand or website you need a domain name. It’s your name on the web. Google’s domain name, for example, is, it’s where anyone searching them can find them.

My recommended site for buying domains is – their support could use some real improvement but their domains are the cheapest out there that I have found to date.

2. Hosting Account:

A hosting account is what connects your domain to the internet space. It’s where all of your data that is presented on your domain is stored. For example, websites you see on the internet – they have data which allows them to be presented and loaded.

The data is loaded from a server. That server is connected to your domain name which is where people can find that data to look at.

My recommended host provider is Siteground: they are the best starting point when you start in this business. They are a decent, low-cost solution when you’re starting out.

3. Autoresponder:

You need to collect emails and send emails and in order to do that, you need a software that can help you do it. An email marketing provider allows you to manage your entire email list and it’s going to make it easy to send emails that get delivered.

I’ve used Aweber since I got started in email marketing and they are a great solution for both starting marketers and advanced marketers. You can read more about them and take a look at their plans here:

4. Page Building Software

Page builder software is a software that builds web pages for you. It saves you having to learn HTML or hiring a developer. You can get site builders for free from around the web however if you’re serious about making this a business that generates money, I highly recommend getting one of the paid solutions.

If you’re just starting out, the solution I recommend that will build great looking sites for a low cost is

Those are essential tools that can help you to run your online business, for me are must-have tools and I use all of them, which of these tools do you use in your business? let me know in the comment section below.

The #1 Reason Why Online Businesses Fail And How To Prevent It

Most online businesses fail, it is well documented that more than 95% of people who start an online business fail miserably and the quit.

The high failure factor is due to many factors but in my own research, I came to a conclusion that this one is the main reason why most online businesses fail in the first place. So in this short post, I am going to tell you what is the reason and how to prevent it.

The #1 Reason Why Online Businesses Fail And How To Prevent It

The real reason why online businesses fail: Mindset

Before analyzing in detail my reasoning let us see first why people start an online business. Most people who start an online business fail in one of these categories, they were employed for a long time and they just retired, they lost their jobs, they don’t make enough money to keep up with their lifestyle or they hate their current job.

This is what most of us were educated, go to school, get a good grade, find a job and dedicate your life doing it, there are many things wrong with this strategy but the main problem is that there is always someone to tell you what to do and give you deadlines.

When you’re a small kid your parents will tell you what to do and what time to be home, when you go to school your teachers will take that role they will tell you what to do, when to submit your tests and when you go home and when you graduate.

You get a job and you have a boss, he/she tells you what to do, what to wear, how to behave and how much you will get paid you don’t do them you will get fired that is for sure.

This is the problem with most people who try to make money online, they grow up in this system, so when they start an online business suddenly they are in charge for the first time in their life, they decide when to send an email when to write and post a blog post etc.

There is no one to motivate them or force them to do even simple things so they end up procrastinating and doing nothing and hence fail.

Imagine you need to send a promotional email to your list of subscribers and your best friend calls you and want to hang out, most people will stop writing the email and go with their friend, then imagine the same situation when you have a normal job, most people they will say no until they finish their working hour.

This little thing called mindset is the main reason why many online businesses fail, so the one million dollar question, how do you prevent it?

How to prevent it

The are three ways I will recommend to prevent this problem.

Read books, watch videos and listen to audios

The first steps to take is to start reading books about business and personal development, these will help you on your journey of becoming an online entrepreneur, reading books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki will help you to change your mindset, you can get them on but if you don’t have money, , you can just google and read summarized version even those can help you.

Also, you can get audio or video for tips on how to become an entrepreneur, my highest recommendation will be the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale or  video  just go to youtube and search for how to become better entrepreneur videos

Find an accountability partner

Se second way to prevent failure is to find an accountability partner, this is the person that is on the same journey as you and you can share and exchange ideas and knowledge about online business.

Starting online business is not common in our society so probably you won’t get the support you need from your friends and family, so the best strategy is to join online communities and find people who are in the same journey as you and try to connect with them and if you add value and not spam them they can become your business partner or even friends.

Find a mentor

Find someone who has done what do you want to accomplish and do exactly what they tell you to do,this is all that mentors do, if you’re just starting out probably it will be difficult to get a Russell Brunson or Anik Singal to be your one to one mentor but you can start small find someone who made some money online and they will teach you how they did it and when you get some results you can get best mentors out there.

Final words

In this post, I discussed the number one reason why online businesses fail and I gave you three tips on how to prevent it to happen to you.

If you like the post feel free to share it or just let me know in the comment section below what do you think.