My Values as Internet Marketer and Human Being

If you read my about page, you will find out the values a rate the most as an internet marketer and human being, the aim of this post is to elaborate a little more on that.

about Lusekelo Hudson ,My Values as Internet Marketer and Human Being


My Values as Internet Marketer and Human Being

1)Add value to others in any way possible

In this internet marketing world, most of the people are after a quick buck, they offer no value to their prospects and customers. I think if you want to stand out, you need to offer value to your prospects, you need to make an effort that after reading your blog post, your email or watching your video they gain something that will help them to grow as human and also help their business to grow.

2)Work Hard

Life is not easy and neither affiliate marketing, if you want to be successful you need to work as hard as you can, people can throw you phrases like work smarter and not harder, it may be true to some extent but what if you work harder and smarter? Trust me you will be more successful.

3)Be the best you can be

Every master was a beginner once, who cares if your blog post sucks, or your videos do not look professional. The only thing you should care is for you to be the better version of yourself.

You can become better by reading books about your topic, attending an online meeting in your niche, interacting with others who are in the same journey as you and if you can afford to attend live events can help you to improve. Make sure your mission is to improve every day and be the best you can possibly be.

4)Be humble

They say success can change people and I don’t believe it, I do believe that success reveals the real character of most people. If you don’t give up and keep improving eventually you will succeed and even after your success makes sure you stay humble, don’t get carried away. Stay humble stay awesome.

5)Have fun in everything you do

Most successful people they will tell you that they never worked in their life. You know what is the secret? they love what they do. If you love what you do you will have much more success and you will be happier.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a serious business but it does not mean that you should not have fun doing it, enjoy the ride and enjoy those juicy commissions coming in your way.

Those are my 5 core values as an internet marketer and human, I some people will disagree with me but it is ok and I respect their opinion.

Why I decided to ditch Siteground and move to WPX Hosting

Since I started an online business, I used a lot of hosting companies for my blogs and website, from Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, GVO, I had mixed level of experience in each of them.

Last year my business started to grow and I decided to get a better hosting, I moved my blogs to siteground.

After being with them for one year, I decided to move to Wpx hosting, and these are reasons why I decided to ditch siteground and move to wpx hosting.

Why I decided to ditch Siteground and move to WPX Hosting

SSL renewal fee

This might sound strange but when I signed up my understanding was that SSL was free, the thing I didn’t understand was that it was free only for the first payment but for renewals, it was not, I was required to pay $90 for it to be renewed. It is not a huge amount of money but this I was misled from the beginning it turned me off.

They refused to change my plan

When I realized that I had to pay for SSL, I decided to get a cheaper plan, you know siteground have three type of plans, startup, grow big and Go Geek, I had a Go Geek plan that was 11.95 for the first year then 29.95 for the renewal, I wanted to go to grow big to save some money.

When I contacted support, the support guy wanted to keep me on the same plan and he offered me some discount. With a new discount I was going to be paying around 23 USD per month without SSL, for me it was too much for a shared hosting.

I decided to let go many of my domains

One of the reasons I chose siteground was the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, but in the moment of events, I was in the process of just focusing in one blog (I had 15 of them and no time to grow none of them).

WXP HOSTING support team blew my mind

While the support guy from siteground was taking up to five minutes to answer my questions, I decided to send a message to wpx hosting support. In less than two minutes, the guy managed to explain to me what wpx hosting was, he offered me free website migration, he gave me a one-dollar coupon and promised to move my website in less than 24 hours.

I was impressed by his answers and services so I decided to join them.

Is siteground a bad hosting service?

No, there are one of the best around, and probably in my next project I will host with them again but from now on my main blog aka this one, it will be hosted with Wpx hosting.

Why WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is owned by Terry Kyle, Unlike most other web hosting companies, WPX Hosting only offers dedicated WordPress hosting.

This means their servers are specifically optimized to squeeze as much speed out of WordPress as possible.

Compare that with my shared hosting plan on Bluehost or the one I had with siteground which has to support every type of CMS out there which means they can’t tune their server configurations as aggressively as WPX Hosting can.

Note Siteground have dedicated WordPress hosting but it is more expensive than WPX hosting.

Migrating to WPX Hosting

Probably the main reason people are reluctant to switch web hosting companies is the hassle of moving their site.

After signing up, which is a very easy process to do, I send four tickets for site migration request, after five minutes I got a response that they started moving my sites and in 70 minutes or so, all my sites were migrated to WPX hosting, all I had to do was to change DNS records inside my Namecheap account.

NOTE: I submitted four sites and I decided to move the fifth one (this one) myself and what happened after that was a total embarrassment.

My experience with WPX hosting

Since I moved to WPX hosting my website speed has increased, their support is amazing (they can solve literally and issue in a matter of few minutes). I can’t be happier.

Do I recommend wpx hosting

Big yes, if you’re serious on building a successful blog using WordPress then this will be my first recommendation.

Move your site to WPX Hosting Today




What happened to my blog posts?

If you visited my blog before, you will find out that all my blog posts are gone, and this is what happened in the last few days.

What happened to my blog posts?

I wanted to change a hosting account.

When I realized that my siteground hosting account was coming to an end, I decided to change to wpxhosting.

Guys from wpxhosting there were kind enough to offer to transfer all my blogs to their hosting for free, all they wanted was the information for my websites to make the move happen, and yes I did that, I gave them the access to all my blog except on this one.

The reason why I didn´t give them information on this blog.

I just wanted to transfer it for myself, I have done this many times, so my thinking was, I can move one blog and let them move the rest and as was my favorite blog it was logic to do it myself (I have moved it from hostgator to siteground myself).

It was a mistake

I had a confidence that I could do it in less than an hour, so I backed all information in my computer (it was another mistake), started uploading information, changed DNS, everything was seemed perfect, upon finalizing the process I intentionally deleted information that was in my computer (my blog was online and live).

In order to prevent hackers, I had to remove order files from the server and in doing so I deleted new files too (accidentally) and everything was gone.

I tried my best to recover the information, but I couldn’t, so I had to start over and install new WordPress and creating new content, this is the reason you may not find the old blog posts.

Lessons from this experience

From this experience I learned two things, firstly, let the experts do the job, especially if they are doing it for free, secondly, save the backups of your files in your computer (never delete them) or save them in the cloud.