Why successful people leave their loser friends behind

Here’s an awesome quote for you:
“It’s better to hang out with people
who are smarter than you. Choose
friends who are more successful than
you and you’ll drift in that direction.”
– Warren Buffet
This piece of advice has helped me
succeed in life.
The question is, do you follow it?
Or are you shooting yourself in the
foot by hanging out with people who
hold you back?
I was the same when I joined my
first opportunity.
I hung out with friends who didn’t get
what I was doing.
The results?
Sneers every time I mentioned my
dream and stupid comments like
“Why not just get a job at Walmart?”
They just didn’t get it.
And it wasn’t their fault.
It was mine for thinking they’d be
supportive of my dreams.
Today I know better.
I’ve realized that being around people
who get it and have already achieved
the same dream you’re pursuing is the
most important thing.
Because they can navigate you past all
the pitfalls and accelerate you directly to
the moo-lah.
If you want to make as much income as
possible in the shortest amount of time,
then just copy what successful people in
your field does.
I’m plugged into a system just like that.
But it’s not for tire kickers.
There are a few simple steps to follow that
take a couple of hours to complete.
I have a feeling you’re up for the challenge,
so I’d like to invite you in.
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Money will come

I know most people start an online business because of financial problem, it does not matter if you just got fired, or your family is expanding and you need more money, you don’t like your boss and you want to quit.

Money will come

I remember when I lost my job, I told myself that in less than a month I will start making a lot of money from my online business and after working hard for more two months I just made $100.

It does not matter in which country do you live $100 is a very small amount of money, especially if do you have a family and a small boy who is depending on you.

This was a very bad experience, many ideas started to come to my head, quitting, begging for money, finding a new job etc.

Then something came to my mind, I was doing everything wrong, I was chasing the money and the faster I chased it, it runs away even faster.

Instead of chasing money I decided to improve my skills and start helping people for real, you know to help someone, a total stranger without thinking how much I am going to make in commission.

When I started doing this, I increased the number of sales I was making and the money started to come in.

This is my advice to you, if you really want to make money in any niche first you need to learn about that niche inside out and give people a real and helpful advice, they will trust you and they will buy anything you recommend them to buy.

Don’t promote products just to make commission, make sure it solves your prospects problems.

Don’t chase the money, chase being good enough in what you’re doing and the money will come.


What I did learn from famous football Youtubers and Bloggers

Being a football fan, I spend I lot of time reading blogs and watching Youtube videos from some of the famous football YouTubers and bloggers in the world.

I am an Arsenal fan, so I came familiar with YouTubers like Robbie from AFTV, Andrew from Arseblog, etc. All they have some things in common.

What I did learn from famous football Youtubers and Bloggers

These are things I learned from those famous football YouTubers and bloggers.

They love football

Those guys they love football, they know a lot about football especially the football club that they support, they have a really passionate about football.

This is a good lesson for me as an online entrepreneur, I know they say that follow the money but loving what you do can make or break your business.

They create content every day

Every time you visit their channels and blogs you will find a recent content, this is another important lesson I had to learn from them.

Creating content should be a daily task of an affiliate marketer, it does not matter if it is an email, a blog post, a podcast or a YouTube video. You should create content each and every day.

They appear in other channels including their rivals

Another thing that I observed from these guys is that they appear in other channels including rival’s channels. You will find James from gunnerblog doing a podcast with Andrew from Arseblog, Robbie from AFTV appearing in a Manchester United Fan Channel, this helps them to get to a wide range of football fans and attract new subscribers.

This is important for an affiliate marketer as most people they take the competition too seriously, you should interact with other affiliate marketers, appear in their YouTube channels and write a guest post in their blogs, this will bring more success as it will increase the number of subscribers and potential sales.

The watch matches

Another thing I noticed from them is that they all watch matches, some they go to stadiums, some of them they watch on TV or streams but they do watch them.

Most affiliate marketers they don’t watch webinars, they don’t go to live events, how the hell do you think you will learn about your niche?

It is time to start doing that.

They put a lot of Effort

I know a lad who owns a fan channel and he once told me that he uses from 12 to 20 hours preparing and creating content for his channel, he has been doing this for more than 3 years now. He has more than 1000 videos in that period.

These guys they put a lot of effort, you can’t just put one article or video and expert to make millions from it.

They make money from it.

This is the part most famous YouTubers and bloggers they won’t admit, but the truth is that they make money from their content, some more than others but they do.

They monetize their content by using Google AdSense, sponsored ads or affiliate marketing (most of them they promote betting apps). Also some of them they use Patreon and the charge around $5 for their premium content.

It is not bad to make money from their content, they should and they put a lot of effort into producing original and entertaining content.

As an online marketer you should find a way to monetize your content, you can do this by selling other people product as an affiliate or your own product, I don’t recommend AdSense for affiliate marketers.

Final words

This is what I did learn from famous football Youtubers and Bloggers and I am starting to apply them in my own business.

What do you think of them? let me know in the comment section below.




This is why i like Kanye West

I remember when Kanye West canceled a tour.
Fans got mad.
Producers got even madder since they had
refunds to give.
Kanye’s reasons?
To this day nobody knows.
He was on stage rapping and getting into the
flow. Then, out of the blue, he stopped. He went
on a tirade about Beyonce and Jay Z.
Kanye West
The best part?
He said that had he voted, he would have voted
for Trump.
Fans started booing.
So Kanye, with his “zero f***s given” attitude,
left stage.
And you know what?
I love his style.
I love the kind of freedom Kanye has.
Even celebrities can be slaves to others.
Singers to their producers.
Actors to their agents.
They all have bosses and aren’t as free as
you think.
Not him.
He doesn’t rely on producers for his daily bread.
He’s taken the money that he’s made throughout
his career and invested it in other businesses.
Smart man.
He no longer cares if he angers anyone.
He can do whatever he wants because  nobody
can hold him hostage.
Boss of your own destiny, slave to none.
That’s the type of lifestyle you should develop.
If you have a boss then you’re no more than a
modern day slave.
You can’t say or do what you want.
You are constantly living under the fear
of replacement.
The good news?
All you have to do is switch from a “slave lifestyle,
to a “boss” lifestyle.
By being your own boss and not relying on others.
P.S. I did a quick Wikipedia search on Kanye.
Philanthropist. Owner of a burger store chain.
Record label producer. Creator of a company
that will “pick up where Steve Jobs left off.” And
a visionary who wants to recreate the music industry.
I don’t see him prostituting himself to a boss any
time soon.
Even better, I see him becoming even more successful
as the years go by.

Two reasons why I took too long to make my first sale online

It took a long time before making my first money online, it took me more than a year to make my first sale online and it took me more than four years to make my first $100 a day online.

There are many reasons that contributed to the condition but for me, two stood out more, first not taking action and second taking the wrong action.

Two reasons why I took too long to make my first sale online


Not Taking Action

This was my biggest problem, I joined a lot of programs in my first year online and I really never took action in any of them, it is actually embarrassing, because sometimes I try to join a program and it seems that I was a member of it four years ago and I don’t remember anything.

I had many excuses for that, I was not feeling well; I had to go to University, I had to watch football, I did not like the person who presented the course etc.

I did this for a long time and as a result, I made zero money in almost a year.

Taking the wrong action

The second reason that it took me a long time to make my first sale online was that I was taking the wrong action.

They were some days when I will say, I am done with this today  I am going to make this work, I was doing some stuff like reading gurus blogs, reading emails, watching training videos, not building a list. Yes, this time I was taking actions but most of those actions were not going to make me any money.

For me, those two were the main reasons that it took me a long time to have any kind of success online, in order to change this I did two things.

Things I did to change the situation.

The first thing I did was to change my mindset, you know I grew up in a non-entrepreneur family, the success formula for me was going to school, get good grade to find a job, I did those and always I had someone to tell me what to do, as a was a kid, my parents did that, when I was at school, my teachers did that and when I had a job my boss did that.

Starting an online business and not having anyone to tell me what and when to do things was a new thing to me and it was very difficult for me to take action.

I started reading business and motivational books, watching videos in personal development and with time, my attitude changed and started taking some action.

The second thing I did was to find a solid plan to follow, I was very lucky I joined a program called Dotcomsecrets by Rusell Brunson, the guy is a marketing genius,the program was a 90 days programs but the challenge was to make your first sale in the first 30 days, guess what I made my first sale in my 21 day.

I still use the same formula since and it helped me to start making a solid income online.

The bad news is that he discontinued the program but the good news is that he made a book and that teaches everything that was in that program. You can get the book here for free, you just need to pay for shipping.

If do you want to make your first sale in 24 hours from today, check out this amazing training that will teach you how to do that.