Top 10 Ways To Get Better Organized

Organization is a skill that takes time and effort. With the New Year quickly approaching, many are thinking of ways to elevate their organizational skills.

Whether it’s investing in a new planner or honing in on new habits, organization is needed to live an effective life.

If you’re looking to enhance your organization skills and get a firm grasp on the New Year, consider these 10 tips to get better organized and develop positive habits.

Top 10 Ways To Get Better Organized

Set a Goal

Goal setting is the first step to getting organized. By creating your own set of priorities, you’re eliminating what doesn’t serve you and welcoming positive energy.

The trick here is to start with small, attainable goals as opposed to one major one. This will help you eliminate feeling overwhelmed and allow you to celebrate small victories.

2. Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s easy to miss the gym or slack off on your passion project when there aren’t any real consequences to your actions. Instead of leaving your progress up to chance, hold yourself accountable to actually doing what you set out to do. This will help you to stick to your schedule and stay organized.

3. Reward Yourself

In order to meet your goals and stay motivated, you have to reward yourself. Celebrate even the smallest of victories and reward yourself with self-care “treats” when you meet your goals. This will keep you excited about your goals and tempted to continue.

4. Set Alarms

One of the best ways to stay on top of your to-do list is to set alarms. Whether it’s on your phone or setting traditional alarm clocks, having that little reminder will help you stay on track. Set your bill schedule, deadlines and other important information so you can always stay in the know.

5. Invest In a Planner

Top 10 Ways To Get Better Organized

Planners have become all the rage. People use them as scrapbooks, journals and more. Keep your life organized by investing in a good planner. This will give you a visual of what you need to accomplish.

You can write out your feelings, create monthly vision boards and keep track of your events. Writing out your responsibilities will give you clarity that’s unmatched.

6. Declutter

Trying to stay organized in a cluttered space is counterproductive. In fact, it can bring about more stress than you initially intended. Start this New Year off right by cleaning out all forms of clutter you may have.

Throw away old clothes, items and junk that’s simply holding you back. This will help you develop your mental strength and stay organized.

7. Create a Monthly Goal

Each month provides an opportunity for a new start. Take advantage of this gift by setting goals you can meet. If you noticed that you struggled with productivity last month, make that a priority this month. It even helps to create vision boards with your monthly goals illustrated on them. This will help you to stay on track in the coming months.

8. Practice Saying No

One of the biggest hurdles to sticking to your personal schedule is getting caught up in other tasks. For example, Wednesdays are your designated gym days. However, your friends want to go out for drinks after work on Wednesday night. You haven’t been sticking to your schedule and it’s impacting your mental health.

What do you do? Well, start by learning how to put yourself first and say no. Distractions, whether positive or negative, can throw you off of your schedule. This can make you feel disorganized and anxious. Learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it.

9. Wake up Earlier

If you challenge yourself to wake up 15-30 minutes earlier each day, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. Doing this will give you the opportunity to get done everything you intended and start the day with a fresh mind.

10. Prepare For the Day The Night Before

We’ve all been there- rushing to get everything together while still trying to make appointments on time. The best way to alleviate those rushed feelings is to prepare for your days the night before. Lay your clothes out, pack your lunch and get your items ready before bed. This will make your morning routine seamless and enjoyable.

Getting organized is definitely a challenge, but a fulfilling one. Make your 2019 great by implementing these helpful tips into your daily routine. You’ll begin to feel more organized and prepared for everything that comes your way.

Beating the odds

It is a fact that most people who try to make money online fail. Actually, 90 percent of people who start an online business fail to make a single dime,6 percent make less than $100 a month and only 4 percent makes enough money to make a living from it.

So the odds of you succeeding online is slim, in other words, there are not in your favor, your chance of beating the odds is less than 4 percent.

So if only 4 out of 100 of the people who try to make money online succeed, it is possible to beat the odds and make money online?

My answer is yes, but in order to do that you will need to start taking your online business more seriously, there are some things that you can do that can help you to succeed.

A business plan

Beating the odds

Most people who are starting an online business they never owned a business before and they never went to a business school, hence they don’t have a business plan.

You need to have a business plan, you need to know exactly what is your business model is, what you’re going to sell, what is the income level your aiming, what next, You need to know these things.

Have proper tools

In order for your business to succeed you will need at least a domain name, a hosting and an autoresponder. These are basics tools you will need to run your business, as your business grows you will keep acquiring more tools.

Invest in your education

The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself, you can invest in books, in courses, and in a mentor, When you’re new it can be difficult to get a mentor this is because your potential mentor is probably a very busy man/woman, so in order for them to dedicate their valuable time onto you, you will need to have some results to show them that you mean business.

Find like-minded individuals

When starting an online business you will find a lot of obstacles, you need to find people who think and have the same ambitions as you.

Some of these people have more experience than you and they will help you in your journey, they can guide you and answer some of your questions.

Some of these people will have less experience than you and it will be your chance to build your reputation and your status as an authority in your given niche.

Final words

Those are my tips that can help you to beat the odds and becoming a successful online entrepreneur, if you want to build your online business in a solid foundation I will recommend you to check out this program that helps you to start your marketing journey in the right direction.


4 Basic elements needed to start moving toward your goal

I have found that most people struggle with the basic elements needed to start moving toward the goal they seek.

You need 4 things in place before you can really start moving.


Those who are successful at achieving any goal share a common set of beliefs. If you don’t have those beliefs, then it is very hard to make progress.

You have the belief that your goal is possible, that YOU can do it, and that you are capable of learning whatever it takes to accomplish it.

I know that you are all of those things. Anyone CAN learn what is necessary to be successful. Most people underestimate what they are capable of.

It’s easier to say that you CAN’T do it then it is to admit that you WON’T do it. You CAN do it, most people just choose not to.


If you have unrealistic expectations, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you think it is possible to build a successful online business in weeks or months, rather than years, then you are going to be very disappointed. When that disappointment happens, you will lose motivation and probably quit.

Expect that this is going to be 10 times harder and take 10 times longer than you think. If you still want it, then you will be happily surprised if it takes less than that, but not surprised if it does.

Consistent Action:

Building a reliable income in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per month will require full-time effort.

You need to arrange your priorities and schedule to give you the time to put in those hours.

You sleep 8 hours, you work your job for 8 hours, that leave 8 hours each day for other things, like your business. Of course, you also have weekends.

Successful people don’t have more hours, they have different priorities as to how they spend them.


The right mindset, expectations, and tons of action cannot save you if you are following the wrong strategy.

The way most people are trying to make a living online hasn’t worked since 2008. Program owners keep telling people to follow that route because it is good for the program owners.

You can only be successful online if you have built up an audience that you have a relationship with. A group of people who know, like, and trust you. Until you have achieved that, everything you do must be in support of that goal.

Before you take any action, ask yourself “Is this helping to build my email list or deepen my relationship with my email list?” If the answer is no, then don’t do it.

Take ACTION to Supercharge Your Success.

Importance of MindSet for an affiliate marketer

Most people who try to make money online fails, this is due to lack of one of the most important component of success ‘mindset ‘.

Importance of MindSet for an affiliate marketer

Having a good or bad mindset can make or break your online business, this is why in this post I am going to talk about the importance of mindset for an affiliate marketer.

First thing first. You want to try online-income that’s okay. But let me ask you few questions regarding this.

The first question is, why you want to try online-income in the first place? What made you decide that you should try? Do you need the money that bad? I know, everybody needs money. But how bad you need it? Do you have a ton of loans to pay? Do you need to buy a new car or a new house soon? Do you need the money for your retirement? Or for the yearly trip with your family? Is that it, that one of your friends making good online-money, and you want to do the same? Is that it, that suddenly some online biz opp popped up on your computer, and you got interested?

The next question is, what exactly you want to achieve? Rather, I want to ask how much you want to achieve? How much per day, how much per week, how much per month and how much per Annam? How much you want in five years time or ten years time?

Ask these questions to you and think out the answers. Make a clear picture of it. You have to determine where you want to reach. You’ll reach nowhere if you do not know where to go. You must set your target. You must set your goal.

Your mind will be set to drive you there if you could set your goal.

Let’s say, you drive from home to office and office to home five days a week. When you drive from home to your office, it is not that you stay conscious on the direction of the road all the time. Maybe, you are thinking about the party you had last night while driving or the row you had with your wife. But your subconscious mind takes you to the right direction. It happens all the time! It happens because the goal is already set, and your mind knows that. Your mind will do possibly everything to achieve the goal if it is set!

I think you already got my point. Yes, you have to set your goal first to start online-income. Mindset is important here. Right kind of mindset means you have completed the first step and the most important step of your preparation.

I know, most of you thinking; these are not new to us- we know all these! Let me tell you, there is a big difference between knowing and doing. Most of us know these things but hardly make practical implication in reality. Generally, it is because most of us don’t know the practical way of implementation.

One of the important aspects of goal setting is dreaming…. and dreaming big. Dream what you want from online-income. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Do not let your previous failures or your inner consciousness stop you from dreaming big. Dream anything that is achievable for a human-being in the current social system. It does not matter if it is the X amount of money or a private yacht or a villa in the Caribbean. Dream as you please!

Okay, let me show the process of goal setting to goal achieving and how to put it into practice. Take a pen and paper and write down all of your dreams. Hey, don’t be reluctant. Don’t be shy! It is only you; nobody is seeing!

Writing down your goal is too important. Don’t think, “okay I’ll keep my goals in the back of my mind”. Please don’t. Write it down and put it in a place where you can go through it time to time. That’s what 5% successful people do. That’s what 95% of the others don’t do. That’s the difference.

Writing down your goals on a piece of paper and going through it every now and then will prepare your mind to achieve your goals, like driving your car unconsciously. It would be easy to set your strategic plans and your work-out plans to achieve your goals.

So before you go further in this affiliate marketing journey, you should think about your dreams and goals and write it down.