Top 10 Reasons to Build an email list

If you have been in online business for more than a day I am sure you know that ‘’the money is in the list’’. Having your own email list is like having a license to print money. It is the single most important task in your online business. In this post, I am going to give you 10 reasons to build an email list.

Top 10 Reasons to Build an email list

Top 10 Reasons to Build an email list

Establish yourself as a trusted expert

Having your own email list will help to position you as an expert. People search online for information and will look to you, as a subject matter expert, to provide it to them. Every week (or whatever schedule works) provides an opportunity to build on this while reinforcing your brand.

Build a relationship with the people on your list

They say that the money is in the list but I think it is true up to some extent, because If it was 100 percent true you could just go to some list vendor buy subscribers, send them an email and make money, but we know that it does not work that way.

The real money is in your relationship with your list. It’s common knowledge that people like to buy from people they like. By using an email list to connect with your readers in their homes, you can develop a relationship of familiarity and trust. Be sure to share a little about yourself or your company in every issue, whether it is an anecdote, event, or employee spotlight.

Keep in touch with prospects and clients

Keep in touch with prospects and clients. Consideration should be given to eventually developing at least two email lists: one for free prospects and one for clients, as each requires different information. This is a great way to notify your readers of weekly specials or upcoming product launches, offer new articles or customer stories, and provide links to updated FAQs, blog posts etc.

Drive traffic to your website or blog

Your email list is a great source of your traffic, these are real people who willingly gave you permission to email them and if you treat them well they will engage in your posts and share them in social media. As noted in #3, remember to call attention to new blog posts or other changes to your website with links directly to those pages.

Remind readers of your online newsletter archives. Promote special sales (maybe with discount coupon codes only for subscribers) with a link to the sales page. Use links to turn your email list and newsletters into ‘silent salespersons’– driving traffic to your website and building your lists around the clock.

Build content on your website

Make a habit of adding the emails you send to your list to your website in an archive area. This serves several important purposes:

Visitors can read the email or two to determine if your prospects will be of interest to them, which could help to increase sign-ups and potential sales.

If you optimize your article placements, you will not only make your website ‘meatier’, but you’ll also bring new traffic from the search engines.

Get feedback from your readers

Make it easy for you to stay in touch with prospects and customers and vice versa. Ask them to take action and comment on your articles and offers. Conduct polls and surveys. Feedback allows you to fine-tune your messages, target your marketing, and expand your product line. It’s also great for relationship building!

Develop an information product

If email your list once a week and include two articles, at the end of a year you’ll have 104 well-researched articles in your portfolio! Pick the best-of-the-best and turn them into a bonus eBook for opting-in to your list, submit to download sites to build your list, or sell in PDF-format!

Grow your mailing list

Let your subscribers work for you. Be sure to remind your readers that it’s okay to forward your emails to anyone they’d like. In addition, it’s important to include sign-up instructions for those who received your email from viral marketing methods. A simple line titled, ‘Get Your Own Copy of XXXXXX’, with a link to your squeeze or opt-in page is all it takes!

Gather demographic data

By offering surveys, feedback forms, and niche reports, you’ll be able to get valuable information about your prospects and customers. Learn what makes your readers tick, how to better serve them, and how to give them what they want. Make sure they become repeat customers!

Save money!

All of the above benefits having your own email list. The cost of building an email list is nothing compared to the cost of brochures, business cards, advertising, direct mail, pay-per-click or other means of promotion. Not only that, but someone has to manage that production! Because your newsletter is delivered online, you can grow your list to be as large as you want without worrying about the expense. Bottom line – it’s proven that email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing solution for companies just like yours!

Final words

That is it, those are 10 reasons to build an email list, it is not late to start building your list now, stop thinking of it just get an autoresponder and start building your own email list.


Autoresponder Myths Debunked

Autoresponder Myths Debunked

We all know that building an email list is the most important activity you can do online for long-term profits. Marketing online is now all about building a list and building relationships with all the people in your email list. If you don’t have a relationship marketing strategy in place, you’re in trouble.

The number of myths about the use of auto-responders is astounding. If you want to maximize your email marketing, then you need to realize the truth about the use of auto-responders.

Let’s set the record straight with five Autoresponder Myths and I will tell you the truth about each myth that will help you to chose the best autoresponder that you can use to build your list and grow your business starting today!.


Many auto-responder companies market themselves as having unlimited size lists for a flat fee. They have convinced marketers that this is better.

The larger auto-responder companies like GetResponseAWeber or ConvertKit charge you based on the size of your list. Unlimited must save lots of money, right?

The truth

The truth is that all auto-responders are cheap when compared to the income that lists can generate if used properly. You don’t need a lot of subscribers to make a lot of money online, the truth is that if you have a good relationship with your list and you can generate clicks from a small number of people you can make money.

A person who generates 400 clicks from a list of 1000 subscribers will make more money than a person who generates 100 clicks from 10000 subscribers.

If you are keeping your list clean of those who have not opened or clicked an email in the last 6 months, then you can have a small, super-responsive list that should generate a minimum of $1 per month per list member. Most generate much more.

AWeber starts at $19 per month for 500 subscribers. GetResponse is $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers.ConvertKit is $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers. If you go over that number, the price for 2,500 goes up by about $20. If you are making $1,000 a month from your list and are now growing to $2,500 a month, do you think you will be worried about an extra $20?


Better for who? Better for the auto-responder company? Absolutely! Better for the marketer? Not a chance!

The truth

If you want to build a list, then you want to “minimize friction” when it comes to getting people subscribed to your list. We design processes to try to make it as easy as possible for people to join. We reduce the number of pieces of information we ask to the bare minimum. Maybe we just ask for email address, instead of email address and name.

After doing everything to make it easy, why would we make a large hurdle for someone to jump over as the last step? It makes no sense.

Frequently, the confirmation emails end up in spam folders or being delivered an hour after the person filled in the form. This is why 20-50% of those who join a double opt-in list never confirm their accounts. They wanted to join, but they never made it to your list.

You cannot find a single 7 or 6 figure online marketer that uses double opt-in. If single opt-in beats double opt-in for them, why not for us?


Some people think that double opt-in is required by law in certain countries, like Canada and Germany. That is absolutely false.

The truth

Some countries require “Express Consent” but that does not mean double opt-in. Single opt-in shows “Express Consent” by law.

No country requires double opt-in legally.


Double opt-in prevent spam abuse. Yes, it does, because someone else cannot sign you up for a list without access to your email account to click the confirmation email.

The truth

However, the risk of this happening is extremely low and abuse is very easy to spot. It is like eliminating all the doors and windows in your house to prevent burglars. Very effective, but not practical. We have to balance security with access.


It doesn’t matter which autoresponder you use, they’re basically all the same.

The Truth:

The auto-responder you use is directly linked to your success. Problem is, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others tend to BLOCK your emails coming from some of those auto-responder providers.

All auto-responders are NOT the same.

Make sure that you really research the autoresponder that you choose beforehand to ensure that they have the features you need and that they have a good relationship with the major email providers.

Overcoming These Autoresponder Myths

There you have it… five Autoresponder Myths Debunked. I currently recommend only GetResponseConvertKit and AWeber due to the ability to set up your campaigns/list as single opt-in. Single opt-in is the accepted standard for professional email marketers.

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Reasons Why You Need a Mailing List

Whether you are trying to make a profit with affiliate programs or you are trying to get the word out about a new product or service that you just created, odds are you have seen or heard some mention about how a mailing list can help change you from a struggling marketer to an affiliate millionaire.

Reasons Why You Need a Mailing List

Mailing lists are most commonly used as a means to contact customers with information regarding a specific product or service which the customer had opted in to learn more about. Here are some of the most common reasons why you need to build the perfect mailing list and how it can help you succeed in the world of internet marketing.

First, you need to create a list of people who actually want to hear about the product you have to offer. While it may seem like a lot of work, you will want to build a list of people who are actually interested in the product or service that you have to offer.

You may think it may be quicker and easier to just purchase a safe list from one of the third party marketers that exist on the internet. The problem with this method is that it can end up classifying your site and your business as a spamming site.

Even though you may have thought you were doing the right thing, you probably ended up sending your information to users who have no clue as to who you are, and how you got their email address.

Avoid buying safe lists at all costs and build your own list. While it may take some time, you have a better chance of achieving success by building the perfect mailing list.

Lastly, you need a mailing list to build a relationship with potential customers. While a mailing list may seem like the easiest form of sales marketing, taking this approach to your mailing list will result in a loss of all the subscribers you have obtained in a short amount of time.

Instead of inundating your subscribers with sales pitch after sales pitch, you will want to provide them with newsletters or other emails that are packed full of quality content.

Whether you choose to write about a new product that is currently being developed and what its benefits will be over the previous version, this type of information gives customers an insight into the products you offer as well as how they work. This increases the chance that they will end up buying what you are offering at some point in the future.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need to build the perfect mailing list. A mailing list helps you create a relationship with potential customers while ensuring that your message is getting to those who actually want to hear it. You will be on your way to succeeding in affiliate marketing in a short amount of time.

If you’re new and do you want to learn more about building your mailing list and make money by sending an email that takes less than 10 minutes to compose click here to watch a video that explains how you can achieve that.

7 Critical List Building Blunders You Need To Avoid

List building is the most important activity you can do in order to make money online, but most people especially beginners make a lost of mistakes. In this post, I am going to tell you 7 critical list building blunders you need to avoid.
7 Critical List Building Blunders You Need To Avoid

7 Critical List Building Blunders You Need To Avoid

1. Not using a squeeze page.

You need to build a lead capture page, the sole purpose of this page should be to capture they visitor emails addresses. A squeeze page should be your #1 list building weapon!

2. Difficult to navigate the website.

You need to build a build an easy to navigate website. Confusing.. too much clutter… not pushing people to opt-in.. a simple website with an emphasis on the opt-in will get better results.

3. Email only? or name and email?

I like to just ask for the email at first. After that, I ask them to fill in their profile (where possible) to get their name and phone number. This has been a heated debate for a long time. ‘Email only’ gets a higher opt-in rate, but what about follow up emails? Personalized emails get a higher open rate. So which one would you prefer?

4. Not getting quality traffic.

Maybe you can buy junk traffic for testing.. but when it’s time to get subscribers, got for quality over quantity.

5. Having a weak ‘bribe’.

It’s got to be exclusive, high-value and useful. For info-niches, give away a ‘secret’.. or if you’re selling a service, give away a case study.  Templates and done-for-you stuff works great too.

6. Not promoting your site.

The ‘If you build it they will come’ mentality is wrong. You’ve got to be promoting your landing page. The fastest way is with paid ads. Facebook, PPC, banner ads, email ads, these will give you fast results. SEO, links swaps, Youtube etc, these are free but take a little time.

7. Not tracking and testing.

Tracking traffic sources is vital. Split testing squeeze pages are also vital. It’s the only way to know what traffic is working. I use a Clickmagic to track my traffic.
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