5 Email Marketing “Golden Rules”

Email marketing is the most powerful method of making money online, there is a statistics that for $1 you invest in email marketing you will make $44 in a year.

But in order to maximize your profit, there are some things you need to do, that is why today I am going to talk about the “golden rules” of email marketing.

They say that the money is in the list but that is not entirely true, the real money is in the follow-up, you need to follow up with your prospects if you what to make a living online. follow up is the key to owning a responsive list. But most people get this wrong.

5 Email Marketing "Golden Rules"

So I’m going to break down a list of rules you must follow if you want to get it right the first


1. Create “Micro Lists”

One super way to follow up with your prospects and make sure they are incredibly targeted to whatever it is that you’re trying to sell is to create micro-lists for each of your promotions.

This way when you do follow-up you’re exactly on target with your customers want and needs.

2. Mail Regularly

Another important thing to remember is that you need to be sure you mail regularly. Your prospects will tend to forget who you are if you don’t mail them on a regular basis with great cutting edge new content that may help them in your niche.

Ideally, mail every 1-2 days for the first few days someone subscribes so that they get used to receiving an email from you and recognizing your name.  Then every 3 days thereafter with a minimum of once per week.

Side note – when I say “mail”, I don’t mean to send 100% promotional emails.  Send an email that is of value too

3. Monitor Trends

You need to be monitoring trends that are happening in your industry and keep your customers up-to-date on what’s new and exciting regarding your products.

4. Test

Another thing to do is low scale testing of your e-mails before you roll them out to your entire customer base.

Write your e-mail and only send it to a small portion of your customer list to make sure that it converts clicks before you send it to your entire list.

If it doesn’t work change it up a bit and try another test until you get the ideal results, then blast it out to your entire customer database.

5. Don’t Make Them Jump Through Hoops

Never send your customers to a landing page or a “squeeze page” and make them opt-in to get your info.

They are already on your e-mail list so why would you make them subscribe again?  Just send them directly to the information you promised in your e-mail.

The only exception is. if you’re putting them on a “micro list”.

Final words

That is it there you have it… 5 golden rules for effective email marketing. Keep practicing and perfecting and sooner than later you will become an expert.

If you don’t know what to write in your email marketing campaigns, then download this free guide and learn how to craft the perfect message or just use our templates to fill in the blanks.


5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Your email marketing campaign is an essential element of your overall marketing strategy. They are designed to communicate and build relationships with your audience, gather relevant data, and help increase your return on investment. Unfortunately, many of these campaigns miss the mark and continue to fall short. Here are five tips to get you on the right path to boost lead nurturing and returns.

5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Tip #1: Use Your Email Campaign as a Dialogue

Unfortunately, many businesses follow the “batch and blast” method of email marketing campaigns. While this successfully achieves the objective of sending out the email, it doesn’t actually end up beginning a dialogue with your audience. Extend the conversation by listening to your audience, adding relevant value, and engaging your prospects. Ask for their participation and always include social share buttons to encourage your audience to continue the conversation.

Tip #2: Focus on the Message

Email marketing campaigns do more than send out communications; they send the audience a message. Use your email marketing campaigns to tailor your message according to the prospect’s profiles, actions, and interests. Consider sending different email messages to the various segments on your list. By ensuring that you include value-added content, your audience is more likely to engage with your emails.

Tip #3: Automate Where Needed

When you automate your campaigns, you give yourself more time to spend developing your strategy and being creative. Use your marketing automation solution to automate campaigns based on behavior and event triggers, so you have more time to build stronger relationships with your audience.

Tip #4: Create a Mix of Styles

Consider mixing up your email campaigns styles and methods to avoid having them underperform. While you test different email components such as content angles, delivery days, fulfillment pieces, and surveys, you’ll start to learn what your readers are responding to. You will have a better chance of keeping your readers engaged if you keep your content and methodology fresh.

Tip #5 Analyze Your Results

The reports from your email marketing campaigns don’t always require massive data dumps into Excel or hours of crunching numbers. Leverage the reporting dashboard in your email automation tool to get the details transferred into a format that is legible for everyone. Use these details to understand prospect interaction and improve future campaigns.

To build, execute, and manage an effective email marketing campaign, you have to pay close attention to your audience and the message you are sending them. Following these five tips will help you avoid the common trap of sending out self-promoting messages that only leads to them being deleted.