What’s the Best Time To Send Out Your Emails?

I got this question from one of my Facebook group, the question was: What time do you send your marketing offers out via email?
Best Time To Send Out Your Emails
This is my answer:
This is is the optimization question, so first, you need to take in consideration that people who are in the email list can be anywhere in the world with different time zones. Keep in mind that they can be anywhere in the world and it is probably impossible to set things up so that they receive your mail at the optimum time.
So, what to do?
For the followup emails, you should send them at the same time they opted in, most of the autoresponders I ever used they have this setting as default.
This is what I mean, people they will signup on your list at their optimum time, this means if you will email them at this time there is a better probability that you will find them online.
On Broadcast
In my experience, I made most of the sales when I send out my emails at 8 am and 2 pm Mexican time, this is 9 am and 3 pm eastern time.
The best day to email is Sundays,  even when I had a very small list, I made at least one sale on Sundays between 3 pm eastern and 8 pm eastern.
My theory behind this is that most people are at home this time, and most of the time they are just watching television, surfing on the internet, checking their emails and thinking that ooh tomorrow is Monday and i have to go to do the work I don’t like, so if you send them a compelling offer the chance of buying it increases massively.
This is what I do, and yes sometimes I send them at random times, it depends when I have something to emails at the moment or for some reason I couldn´t mail at the normal time.
The best you can do is to vary the time that you send your emails out.  Almost every autoresponder has the ability to schedule your email.  So one day you send stuff at 9 am, and on another day you send at noon or 3 in the afternoon.
Then figure out at what time you get the best results and stick to it.
No matter what your schedule is for sending out emails, keep in mind that what matters is what is the best time for your list to receive the message with the best chance of being opened.  It doesn’t matter how many mails you send, what matters how many are getting opened, and of course, how many of those are clicking the link in your ad.
I hope this gives you some ideas on ways to make your marketing more efficient.

Autoresponder Myths Debunked

Autoresponder Myths Debunked

We all know that building an email list is the most important activity you can do online for long-term profits. Marketing online is now all about building a list and building relationships with all the people in your email list. If you don’t have a relationship marketing strategy in place, you’re in trouble.

The number of myths about the use of auto-responders is astounding. If you want to maximize your email marketing, then you need to realize the truth about the use of auto-responders.

Let’s set the record straight with five Autoresponder Myths and I will tell you the truth about each myth that will help you to chose the best autoresponder that you can use to build your list and grow your business starting today!.


Many auto-responder companies market themselves as having unlimited size lists for a flat fee. They have convinced marketers that this is better.

The larger auto-responder companies like GetResponseAWeber or ConvertKit charge you based on the size of your list. Unlimited must save lots of money, right?

The truth

The truth is that all auto-responders are cheap when compared to the income that lists can generate if used properly. You don’t need a lot of subscribers to make a lot of money online, the truth is that if you have a good relationship with your list and you can generate clicks from a small number of people you can make money.

A person who generates 400 clicks from a list of 1000 subscribers will make more money than a person who generates 100 clicks from 10000 subscribers.

If you are keeping your list clean of those who have not opened or clicked an email in the last 6 months, then you can have a small, super-responsive list that should generate a minimum of $1 per month per list member. Most generate much more.

AWeber starts at $19 per month for 500 subscribers. GetResponse is $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers.ConvertKit is $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers. If you go over that number, the price for 2,500 goes up by about $20. If you are making $1,000 a month from your list and are now growing to $2,500 a month, do you think you will be worried about an extra $20?


Better for who? Better for the auto-responder company? Absolutely! Better for the marketer? Not a chance!

The truth

If you want to build a list, then you want to “minimize friction” when it comes to getting people subscribed to your list. We design processes to try to make it as easy as possible for people to join. We reduce the number of pieces of information we ask to the bare minimum. Maybe we just ask for email address, instead of email address and name.

After doing everything to make it easy, why would we make a large hurdle for someone to jump over as the last step? It makes no sense.

Frequently, the confirmation emails end up in spam folders or being delivered an hour after the person filled in the form. This is why 20-50% of those who join a double opt-in list never confirm their accounts. They wanted to join, but they never made it to your list.

You cannot find a single 7 or 6 figure online marketer that uses double opt-in. If single opt-in beats double opt-in for them, why not for us?


Some people think that double opt-in is required by law in certain countries, like Canada and Germany. That is absolutely false.

The truth

Some countries require “Express Consent” but that does not mean double opt-in. Single opt-in shows “Express Consent” by law.

No country requires double opt-in legally.


Double opt-in prevent spam abuse. Yes, it does, because someone else cannot sign you up for a list without access to your email account to click the confirmation email.

The truth

However, the risk of this happening is extremely low and abuse is very easy to spot. It is like eliminating all the doors and windows in your house to prevent burglars. Very effective, but not practical. We have to balance security with access.


It doesn’t matter which autoresponder you use, they’re basically all the same.

The Truth:

The auto-responder you use is directly linked to your success. Problem is, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others tend to BLOCK your emails coming from some of those auto-responder providers.

All auto-responders are NOT the same.

Make sure that you really research the autoresponder that you choose beforehand to ensure that they have the features you need and that they have a good relationship with the major email providers.

Overcoming These Autoresponder Myths

There you have it… five Autoresponder Myths Debunked. I currently recommend only GetResponseConvertKit and AWeber due to the ability to set up your campaigns/list as single opt-in. Single opt-in is the accepted standard for professional email marketers.

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Email Marketing Golden Rules

Email Marketing Golden Rules

Every person you know have an email address, every company online want your email address, there is a good reason for this. There is a study that for every $1 invested in email marketing results in $44 revenue, email marketing is huge and it will continue to be the best way to generate revenue for small and big companies.

That is why today I’m going to talk about email marketing golden rules that can help you to increase your profitability as an online entrepreneur.

If you have been online for more than a day I am sure at least one person told you that the money is in the list, this is true to some extent, the truth is that the real money is in the relationship you have with your list and a proper
follow up is the key to owning a responsive list.

But most people get this wrong. So I’m going to break down a list of email marketing golden rules you must follow if you want to get it right the first time…

1. Create “Micro Lists”

One super way to follow up with your customers and make sure they are incredibly targeted to whatever it is that you’re trying to sell is to create micro-lists for each of your products.

This way when you do follow-up you’re exactly on target with your customers wants and needs.

2. Mail Regularly

Another important thing to remember is that you need to be sure you mail regularly.

Your prospects will tend to forget who you are if you don’t mail them on a regular basis with great cutting-edge new content that may help them in your niche.

Ideally, mail every 1-2 days for the first few days someone subscribes so that they get used to receiving an email from you and recognizing your name. Then every 3 days thereafter with a minimum of once per week.

3. Monitor Trends

You need to be monitoring trends that are happening  in your industry and keep your customers up-to-date
on what’s new and exciting regarding your products.

4. Test

Another thing to do is low scale testing of your e-mails before you roll them out to your entire customer base.

Write your e-mail and only send it to a small portion of your customer list to make sure that it converts clicks before you send it to your entire list.

If it doesn’t work change it up a bit and try another test until you get the ideal results, then blast it out to your entire customer database.

5. Don’t Make Them Jump Through Hoops

Never send your customers to a landing page or a “squeeze page” and make them opt-in to get your info.

They are already on your e-mail list so why would you make them subscribe again? Just send them directly to the information you promised in your e-mail.

The only exception is.. if you’re putting them on a “micro list”.

There you have it… 5 golden rules of email marketing. I’m only scratching the surface of ways that you can increase your profits from your e-mail list. If do you want to learn more about how you can use this strategy and many others and make money in the process, please click here.

The power of email marketing

There is a famous online marketing line that states that ‘the money is in the list’ i agree to this line up to a certain point, this is because the real money is in the followup, and here is where the power of email marketing comes to the play.

The power of email marketing

I believe that list building is the most important activity you can do as an affiliate marketer, but to be honest with you most people they won’t buy the first time, you will need to send them 4-7 emails to tell them about your offer.

Once you have your squeeze page up and running, done the setup of your autoresponder account, you will need to focus on configuring the email sequence that’s be activated the moment a subscriber opted into your mailing list.

Here’s how it works:

 Your visitor fills in their information via your squeeze page and confirms their request be added into your newsletter mailing list.

 Your autoresponder starts the mailing sequence and emails your prospect a welcome email that you have written. Within a few minutes later of their subscription, the message sent out automatically to their email inbox.

 Your autoresponder continues to email your subscriber on pre-defined dates and times, according to the follow-up system you have set up within your autoresponder account.

 You can configure the delivery dates and times from your administration panel, and all the emails you have created within your autoresponder account is going to send out to all active subscribers on a regular schedule.

Example: If you create 4 emails that scheduled to deliver the follow-up messages on a specific date and time, it will do its work like this:

 1st Email: Instantly sent to your subscriber thanking them for subscribing to your list and provides the download that you initially offered on your squeeze page, usually a direct link to the download location on your website.

 2nd Email: Scheduled to send out on the second day after your subscriber has confirmed their request, and includes an email offering free content, extra articles or another report.

 3rd Email: Scheduled to go out on the third day of the sequence, promotional based, advertising a related product.

 4th Email: Scheduled to go out on the fourth day and so on.

This is a very basic sequence. You can write up your own sequence and schedule it into your chosen email auto responder.
This is a very easy way to get started emailing and if you can setup your autoresponder correctly it can turn into an automatic stream of income as your leads go through the auto responder sequence.

The balance that you use, when mixing up free content with the promotional based material is entirely up to you, however the more value you give to your list, the easier and faster it will be to develop a relationship with your subscribers.

Taking an aggressive approach to email marketing works for some, however, for the most, it’s always best to step carefully, initially focusing on building a relationship with your list, and then doubling that up with promotional offers, or recommendations to affiliate based products.

Essentially, you want to ‘condition’ your list so that they grow accustomed to receiving promotional based emails from you often.

It’s up to you to keep a pulse on your subscriber base and find what works the best, how often you contact them, and whether they respond well to the products you are promoting.

Just don’t be afraid to experiment and test out new ideas and creative ways to consistently grow and keep up your subscriber base.

That is how you use the power of email marketing to increase your affiliate income.

Tips to Building a Mailing List quickly and effectively

If you are like most aspiring internet marketers you are probably still working your full-time job while trying to find the extra time in your day to build your budding affiliate marketing business.

Tips to Building a Mailing List quickly and effectively

Whether you are trying to strike out on your own by trying to market your own product, or you don’t have the time to create something new and you chose to promote one of the many tried and true products on the web, you may have heard that a mailing list is one of the most effective ways to successful marketing.

Here are some simple tips that can help you build the perfect mailing list with very little effort so you can meet and exceed your affiliate marketing goals in a short amount of time.

First, make sure you deliver your readers quality content with every newsletter you send. While you may get excited when you find out that someone had actually signed up for your mailing list, the first thought that may come to mind is to send them a sales pitch for the first product you can think of.

If you want to scare off any potential customer, then, by all means, use this approach. On the other hand, if you want to try and turn this potential customer into a customer for life you will want to provide them with a newsletter that is packed full of quality content that teaches your reader more about the product or services that you have to offer.

Lastly, consider giving your potential customers an incentive for signing up. In today’s tough economy more and more people are looking for ways to get something for nothing.

A great way to get a potential customer to sign up for your newsletter is to offer them some form of incentive for providing you with their email address. Give them a discount, a coupon or any other incentive that is geared towards your product. Follow that up with quality content and you are sure to find your mailing list rise in a short amount of time.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you build the perfect mailing list quickly and effectively. Make sure you deliver your readers quality content and consider giving your potential customers an incentive for signing up and you are sure to build the perfect mailing list that will keep generating profits for you for years to come.