Tips to Building a Mailing List quickly and effectively

If you are like most aspiring internet marketers you are probably still working your full-time job while trying to find the extra time in your day to build your budding affiliate marketing business.

Tips to Building a Mailing List quickly and effectively

Whether you are trying to strike out on your own by trying to market your own product, or you don’t have the time to create something new and you chose to promote one of the many tried and true products on the web, you may have heard that a mailing list is one of the most effective ways to successful marketing.

Here are some simple tips that can help you build the perfect mailing list with very little effort so you can meet and exceed your affiliate marketing goals in a short amount of time.

First, make sure you deliver your readers quality content with every newsletter you send. While you may get excited when you find out that someone had actually signed up for your mailing list, the first thought that may come to mind is to send them a sales pitch for the first product you can think of.

If you want to scare off any potential customer, then, by all means, use this approach. On the other hand, if you want to try and turn this potential customer into a customer for life you will want to provide them with a newsletter that is packed full of quality content that teaches your reader more about the product or services that you have to offer.

Lastly, consider giving your potential customers an incentive for signing up. In today’s tough economy more and more people are looking for ways to get something for nothing.

A great way to get a potential customer to sign up for your newsletter is to offer them some form of incentive for providing you with their email address. Give them a discount, a coupon or any other incentive that is geared towards your product. Follow that up with quality content and you are sure to find your mailing list rise in a short amount of time.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you build the perfect mailing list quickly and effectively. Make sure you deliver your readers quality content and consider giving your potential customers an incentive for signing up and you are sure to build the perfect mailing list that will keep generating profits for you for years to come.

Email Marketing Stats

Email Marketing Stats

Tips for Developing an Email Marketing Campaign That’s Successful

A fundamental element of any content marketing strategy is the email marketing campaign. Email marketing provides businesses with the chance to build relationships with their prospects, obtain essential data, and help to boost a company’s marketing return on investment.

Tips for Developing an Email Marketing Campaign That's Successful

Unfortunately, many companies miss the mark when it comes to developing a campaign and continue to fall short when it comes to the campaign’s performance.

For companies to build, execute, and maintain an effective email marketing campaign, it is essential they pay close attention to their audience and the message they are sharing while avoiding the common trap of inundating their audience with self-promotional messages.

Getting on the right path for campaigns that boost lead nurturing and returns, here are some helpful tips for creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Start with an Objective

Before you start creating your email marketing campaign, it is important to understand your primary objective. Many business owners get stuck on the open rate data of their emails, thinking that they need to focus more on the subject line to get more opens.

However, there is usually a disconnect between the subject line and the content in the email, which increases the chances that the email will get deleted.

To create email campaigns that bring value to both you and your customers, you need to focus on your target audience and think about what content will provide them with the most value.

Make Sure the Subject Line is Clear

Having a clear subject line that tells the reader exactly what is inside the email is extremely important. The subject line that you create needs to quickly tell the reader the benefits that you are providing in hopes of creating an immediate emotion.

It then must provide an enticing call to action to drive the consumer to the landing page where the content or offer reside.

Use Direct Copy and a Call to Action

When writing the email content, focus on creating concise copy that speaks directly to your target audience and describes the direct benefit they will receive from the click.

Your reader should want to click after reading the content of the email because there is an immediate, emotional benefit. Informing the reader that there is more valuable content drives their curiosity and delivers them to your site.

Developing a successful email marketing campaign is not complicated, it merely takes some pre-planning and thought. By following these tips, you can rest assured your next email marketing campaign will be successful.

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How to Handle Dissatisfied Subscribers

Building a list of subscribers is the most important part of your online business, but sometimes things can get hot and you will need to deal with them. In this post, I am going to give you some tips on how to handle your dissatisfied subscribers.

Most of your subscribers they will just unsubscribe when they feel like they don’t gain much value from your emails but there are some they will reply to your emails with claims, insults, threatening to call the police and all dramas that they can bring.

There are many reasons that someone will get angry, this could be from a simple misunderstanding to something big, and usually, there’s a corresponding solution. But first, you have to figure out what’s happening. Here are some tips for handling your dissatisfied subscribers.

How to Handle Dissatisfied Subscribers

How to Handle dissatisfied subscribers

Always be genuine in your interactions.

Your subscribers can tell if you’re using canned phrases or just telling them what you think they want to hear.
Be patient and remain calm. I know it can be stressful dealing with people online. Even so, it’s essential that you keep your cool.

Acknowledge concerns and show you’re listening.

It does not matter if they bought the product you recommended to them or they just get offended by your message, sometimes it’s helpful to describe the issue back to the customer first, making sure you understand the problem.
Ask how you can make it better. Often the solution is even easier than you might think—they may just want more information or a sympathetic ear.

Offer to provide a refund

If they bought a product you recommended and they can’t reach a merchant you can offer them a part of the refund or a full refund, replacement, or an equivalent product (if you own one) for free.


Let them unsubscribe

I like having subscribers that read and reply my emails, even if I don’t like their reply, but sometimes things can go far and it is better for everyone if they unsubscribed, let them do so and move on.

Final words

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5 Email Marketing “Golden Rules”

Email marketing is the most powerful method of making money online, there is a statistics that for $1 you invest in email marketing you will make $44 in a year.

But in order to maximize your profit, there are some things you need to do, that is why today I am going to talk about the “golden rules” of email marketing.

They say that the money is in the list but that is not entirely true, the real money is in the follow-up, you need to follow up with your prospects if you what to make a living online. follow up is the key to owning a responsive list. But most people get this wrong.

5 Email Marketing "Golden Rules"

So I’m going to break down a list of rules you must follow if you want to get it right the first


1. Create “Micro Lists”

One super way to follow up with your prospects and make sure they are incredibly targeted to whatever it is that you’re trying to sell is to create micro-lists for each of your promotions.

This way when you do follow-up you’re exactly on target with your customers want and needs.

2. Mail Regularly

Another important thing to remember is that you need to be sure you mail regularly. Your prospects will tend to forget who you are if you don’t mail them on a regular basis with great cutting edge new content that may help them in your niche.

Ideally, mail every 1-2 days for the first few days someone subscribes so that they get used to receiving an email from you and recognizing your name.  Then every 3 days thereafter with a minimum of once per week.

Side note – when I say “mail”, I don’t mean to send 100% promotional emails.  Send an email that is of value too

3. Monitor Trends

You need to be monitoring trends that are happening in your industry and keep your customers up-to-date on what’s new and exciting regarding your products.

4. Test

Another thing to do is low scale testing of your e-mails before you roll them out to your entire customer base.

Write your e-mail and only send it to a small portion of your customer list to make sure that it converts clicks before you send it to your entire list.

If it doesn’t work change it up a bit and try another test until you get the ideal results, then blast it out to your entire customer database.

5. Don’t Make Them Jump Through Hoops

Never send your customers to a landing page or a “squeeze page” and make them opt-in to get your info.

They are already on your e-mail list so why would you make them subscribe again?  Just send them directly to the information you promised in your e-mail.

The only exception is. if you’re putting them on a “micro list”.

Final words

That is it there you have it… 5 golden rules for effective email marketing. Keep practicing and perfecting and sooner than later you will become an expert.

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