Blogging As A Tool In Affiliate Marketing

Why blogging? Because it builds a relationship with the people you want in your affiliate network presenting your product in a personal way to customers. Rather than a quick advertising blurb, blogging allows you to present an extended, thoughtful promotion of your product.

You are speaking personally, sharing your ideas. Blogging invites response and engagement. This is what you want from your affiliates, and what will build a long-term relationship with customers. Blogging can build a relationship and trust.

In your website blog, you want to give genuine information about your product or service. Show your expertise. Talk about your experience in the business. This will help your affiliates sell the product. It will help them have confidence.

Detailed descriptions of your products and their uses can turn the one-time customer into a return customer. Customers want to know all about a product line. If it can help them, they will buy it. Unless you show the ways your product is useful, they are unlikely to think up these uses themselves.

This differs from the superficial glitz often found in advertising. You are showing your regard for the customer, and how your products will help him rather than just making you money.

Blogging is a good way to help introduce a new product. Explain what it can do that the earlier one could not. Explain its advantages over your competitors’ products.

Strengthen the affiliates’ relationship with your company by including an interview or guest blog posting done by the company’s owner–or just an affiliate who has shown success in sales. Because the affiliate network is built online, you need to look for ways to personalize the relationship.

One of the subjects you want to address in your blog is the defined niche of your product. Who is likely to be most interested in it, and why? Clarifying this will help your affiliates target their sales efforts.

It will save them wasted time pitching to people who are not interested. Targeting the people who really need this product will boost sales, and therefore motivation by your affiliates.

Suggesting ways to contact those prime customers is possible in a blog. A blog gives you a chance to get into the details. Give your affiliates statistics on what is bringing success to others. Get advice from those with successful sales records.

Provide a links page on your website. Links to other sites that give more information on your product field can help both affiliates and customers. The backlinks can also bring you new customers.

Post how-to videos on YouTube that help people use your products. You want to reach the DIY audience, many of whom are novices. Give them information that will give them the confidence to use your product.

Post training videos on your website for your sales staff. Then use your blog to discuss their responses. Which techniques worked and which did not? What are their suggestions? This will build your relationship with affiliates and keep them motivated.

Nothing is more discouraging to them than a feeling that they are all alone out there. Let them know you care about and are focused on what they are doing. Give a little praise!

These are just a few of the ways you can use a blog to promote your affiliate marketing. Try them and see what works for you!

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