Best Way To Get Sales Using Digistore24

One of my subscribers asked me the other day, What is the best way to get sales using Digistore24? Here is the answer and I am going to share it with you.

Best Way To Get Sales Using Digistore24

The best way to get sales using digistore24

For me, the best way to get sales in affiliate marketing is to focus, it does not matter if you sell the best product ever created if you do not focus you will not make any sales.

By saying that you need to focus I mean that you need to put all your effort into few things that work, do not try to do 100 things and not master any of them, these are the things you need to do if you want to increase the sales.

1)Pick a niche

Most beginners I know want to promote all the products in digistore24, this is a mistake I know this because I used to do the same, my way of thinking was the more products I promote the more chance of making money. I was wrong, my advice is to pick a niche and start building your business around it.

Here I explain how to pick a niche for your affiliate marketing business.

2)Collect email address

Most people will not buy the products you’re promoting the first time, you need to start collecting email addresses of people who are interested in more information about your niche.

Then after you get their email address you can start sending them emails about tips and solutions that will help them, you will include your affiliate links in some of those emails, and if they click and buy something you will make money.

The process of collecting email addresses from people who are interested in your niche is called list building.

In order to build your email list, you will need an autoresponder. I recommend Aweber, and you will need a squeeze page. I use Clickfunnels.

squeeze page

If you can not afford Clickfunnels for now, you can build one using HTML, here is my tutorial on how to build a squeeze page in HTML.

3)Drive traffic to your squeeze page

After building a squeeze page, you need to start sending people to it. My recommendation is if you’re just starting and you do not have money, start driving traffic using Facebook or Instagram.

If do you want to learn how to drive traffic using Facebook click here

If do you want to learn how to drive traffic using Instagram click here

Do not do both methods, pick one and stick to it for at least three months. 

After you make money then you can invest it in paid traffic to scale your business.

4)Use the power of organic traffic

Posting on Facebook and Instagram will get you started and will help you to start making money in Digistore 24, but for me, organic traffic from search engines is the best traffic ever, what you can do is to create a Youtube channel, Podcast, or a blog, whatever that suits you the best.

Put your content in one of those channels and you can share it with your followers on Facebook or Instagram.

With time search engines will start to pick up that content and you can use it to promote affiliate products or your squeeze page.

5) Use the power of email marketing

I mentioned building your list, when people subscribe to your email list means they think they can learn something from you.

You can use that powerful tool called autoresponder to send emails to people who are on your list, you do not need to promote a product every time, you can send them your new content, you can tell them stories, you can give them tips and of course you can recommend affiliate products to help them further.

Threat them as human beings with real problems and who want real help be the one who helps them, and they will follow your recommendations.

6) Take consistent action

Do you know why most people do not make money online?  it is because they do nothing. It is that simple.

People will tell you that they are bloggers or Youtubers but if you go to their blog or Youtube channel the last content was three months ago.

They do not promote their squeeze page, they do not post on their Instagram page, they do not post in Facebook or contribute to the groups.

How are they going to make any sales? Do not be one of them, take the one-time actions like finding your niche, creating a squeeze page, writing an initial follow-up series in your autoresponder, and deciding which traffic method you will follow.

Then take your daily actions, for me is to create content and post it on my blog or social media, if you’re using Facebook it will be answering questions, providing value for your audience, etc. 

In Instagram the same just focus on creating and posting helpful content and remember to include a link to your squeeze page in the bio.

Spread your message and the right people will hear it and follow you.

Final words

That is it, for me, the best way to get sales in Digistore24 is to focus, you need to focus on few things and the sales will come to you.

I have another blog post where I explain who to make money in Digistore24, you can read it here.