Beating the odds

It is a fact that most people who try to make money online fail. Actually, 90 percent of people who start an online business fail to make a single dime,6 percent make less than $100 a month and only 4 percent makes enough money to make a living from it.

So the odds of you succeeding online is slim, in other words, there are not in your favor, your chance of beating the odds is less than 4 percent.

So if only 4 out of 100 of the people who try to make money online succeed, it is possible to beat the odds and make money online?

My answer is yes, but in order to do that you will need to start taking your online business more seriously, there are some things that you can do that can help you to succeed.

A business plan

Beating the odds

Most people who are starting an online business they never owned a business before and they never went to a business school, hence they don’t have a business plan.

You need to have a business plan, you need to know exactly what is your business model is, what you’re going to sell, what is the income level your aiming, what next, You need to know these things.

Have proper tools

In order for your business to succeed you will need at least a domain name, a hosting and an autoresponder. These are basics tools you will need to run your business, as your business grows you will keep acquiring more tools.

Invest in your education

The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself, you can invest in books, in courses, and in a mentor, When you’re new it can be difficult to get a mentor this is because your potential mentor is probably a very busy man/woman, so in order for them to dedicate their valuable time onto you, you will need to have some results to show them that you mean business.

Find like-minded individuals

When starting an online business you will find a lot of obstacles, you need to find people who think and have the same ambitions as you.

Some of these people have more experience than you and they will help you in your journey, they can guide you and answer some of your questions.

Some of these people will have less experience than you and it will be your chance to build your reputation and your status as an authority in your given niche.

Final words

Those are my tips that can help you to beat the odds and becoming a successful online entrepreneur, if you want to build your online business in a solid foundation I will recommend you to check out this program that helps you to start your marketing journey in the right direction.


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