An autoresponder is a software that does all the technical stuff like sending the emails, managing subscribers, handling unsubscribes, verifying emails, customizing the messages, and the list goes on and on.

In order to run your online business will also want software that has autoresponder technology. Let me explain to you what that is.

An autoresponder is something that sends out the emails automatically. The best way to explain it is with an example.

Let’s assume you set up your autoresponder software with a welcome email, and then three content emails, each to be sent one day apart.

John joins your mailing list on Thursday. The autoresponder sends her the welcome email immediately.

The software then waits one day and on Friday sends her email one, it waits another day and then sends her email two, it waits another day and then sends her email three.

The autoresponder software makes the emails feel fresh and automates all the work. This way you don’t have to send emails every day.

In fact, the emails you are getting from us right now are being sent by an autoresponder. Pretty cool huh!

Autoresponders are unfortunately not free, but they are a fantastic tool which automates almost all the emailing work.

There are a few good companies out there, but I prefer AWeber and here is a link if you are interested.

Remember, the more you generate buzz and excitement, the more likely you’ll be to get sales.

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Take action and start building your online business.

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